we all have that friend who just loves food. Well, who does not though? Food is considered to be heaven and in today’s scenario we all say “food is bae”

food is just amazing and so is your friend even though they are near or far you can always send flowers to Patna or whichever city they live in. there are times when flowers are just there to remind a person of the bond that your friends share.

At times your friend might hate being called “foodie” and they might say “I’m not a foodie”

but yet we all wonder about the perfect gift for them.  Remember if you are thinking about gifting flowers to your foodie friend always send the chocolates or a basket of fruits for them as it is just so thoughtful from your side to just think about them and they will appreciate the gesture as well.

Even if they love to cook or eat, we got your back about it. Here are a few options that you can consider before buying a perfect gift for them:



These days we have various food delivering apps and they also offer coupons and some discounts when a person visits the restaurants as well. Whether it be buying one and get another option or the fifty per cent discount on their meal. This is just perfect for them. You foodie friend will enjoy these meals and it is something that will also encourage them to try a new restaurant in life.




I don’t mean that you should get it printed in a way where it says “my best friend” or “best friend I love you” but since you know that they are foodies you can always go for “I’m here for the food” shirts. They are just going to make your foodie friend spellbound. They will just love wearing that shirt and well, it suits them more than anyone else we know. After all the food is surely their bae.



When I say a saucy keychain, I don’t mean that there is a keychain dipped in the sauce but a sauce bottle as a keychain. It is just another creative idea for your foodie best friend’s birthday gift as it will just be with them where ever they go and they know how to pour a little bit of sauce from their key chain. Sounds fun, right?

you don’t have to let the keychain go alone. You can always add their favourite blooms with it.



They will surely have a favourite cake. Whether it may be Oreo cake,

chocolate cake, mango cake or coffee cake, we have everything according to your need and you can also get midnight cake and flower delivery in Lucknow.

Don’t forget about the blooms or chocolate with the cake that you are sending. Chocolates will keep their sweet tooth entertained.



Gift them a cookbook so that can try exciting new recipes from it. It will surely make them explore the cooking world more and they will surely love to try those recipes at their places. It is just one perfect gift for your friend who loves food and if not them their loved one can always prepare those for them and I am sure there will be one recipe or maybe more than one that will just steal their heart. Make them try something new by gifting them a cookbook for various other cuisines.



These are yet another perfect gifts for your foodie friends if they are into not using the disposable ones. You should always go for straws made from silicone as they won’t conduct heat nor chip their teeth like the metal straws, that’s why these straws become so popular when it comes to gifting.



You can always go for those waffle makers as they will just give them fresh waffles in the morning breakfasts without any trouble. Who does not love waffles?

All they have to do is put the dough for the waffles and boom! Waffles are ready.

They also come in various models so choose the size that suits their needs best but I think a smaller one will be better as it will be affordable as well.



You can always order a gift basket full of loaded treats or our Ferrero Rocher bouquet which just makes them smile and will surely get them all happy for their birthday.


You don’t have to worry about anything you can always order these bouquets online with us and we will make sure that they reach their destination on time with our same-day delivery option that Is available. Wish them a very happy birthday.

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