4 tips on how to turn around with trouble sleeping

4 tips on how to turn around with trouble sleeping

A lot of people have trouble sleeping these days. However, the truth remains that they often create them themselves. This article will introduce you to 4 rules that you can follow to make your sleep better.

Do not drink coffee or other caffeinated refreshments.

Caffeine strengthens the heart’s activity independently of the body and its internal processes. It is very suitable for workaholics and perfectionists because they feel that they do not have to rest with caffeine in their bodies. This process can be called energy switching.

Caffeine in the body increases yang energy at the expense of the yin. Initially, it manifests itself in such a way that a person:

  • he doesn’t have to sleep much
  • is powerful
  • And he is not tired.

Over time, however, the situation begins to change. One is tired but still efficient. And it continues until he’s tired, he’s not efficient, and he can’t sleep anymore.

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This is because the body needs enough yin energy to sleep, but this has been pushed out by the growing yang, which has strengthened the caffeine.

Jin is something like an engine coolant to the body. Sufficient yin energy will ensure that:

  • the body relaxes,
  • muscles relax
  • And the brain reduce its activity to a minimum.

A person sleeps, and the body starts regeneration processes, which can only take place if a person is really relaxed and sleeps with good sleep.

Go to bed on time

Go to sleep at 21: 00-22: 00. At this time, the body naturally shuts down and is closest to a strong and healthy sleep. If you feel sorry for the evening, you still want to do a lot and catch up and go to bed until around midnight, you turn your body into the yang again and thus push out the yin.

Sleep will then not be as good as it could be.

Don’t think about anything negative.

Before going to bed, don’t think about what:

  • failed
  • is wrong
  • And the next day needs to be done.

This would unnecessarily keep your body tense, and sleep would not be good again.

Most people just worry – out of habit. If you are at a platform where you have real worries (for example, starting a company, solving a partner crisis, etc.), write down everything you want to solve the next day on paper. And go to bed with a clear head. It takes a little self-control, but it works.

Create the right atmosphere for sleep

Sleep in a cold room with a warm duvet. And if possible, keep the window open all night.

Do you suffer from health problems that prevent you from falling asleep?

If you are worried about health problems that prevent you from enjoying quality sleep, focus on solving them successfully. Holistic and Chinese medicine techniques can help you with this.

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