5 Best Summer Plants For Your Home Or Garden

5 Best Summer Plants For Your Home Or Garden

It’s always a good idea to add plants to your house- both indoor as well as outdoor. Summer time is perfect for plants, especially indoor plants. It not just adds colour to your rooms but also freshness as it fills the air with fresh oxygen while absorbing the harmful gases.

In case you are looking for plant options, here are a list of 5 plants that you can choose from for your home- as indoor plants or for your garden:

Lucky Bamboo

You might think this plant belongs to the bamboo family, after all, it has the name “bamboo” in it, but it’s not. Infact, lucky bamboo and bamboo are not even remotely related to each other. Lucky bamboo is a kind of water lily that just looks very similar to the bamboo plant. It’s a household/ indoor plant, that’s not just easy to take care of, but it can also be kept where direct sunlight doesn’t even reach. The Lucky Bamboo is considered to bring a long life filled with prosperity, therefore it is considered lucky. It’s also believed that this plant brings safety in the lives of the people who live in that particular house where it is kept.

In case you didn’t know this, not all Lucky Bamboos are the same- as in, what it signifies actually depends on the number of stalks. For example, while three stalks represent happiness and wealth, ten stalks represent perfection. So before you buy one, make sure you know what each number of total stalks stands for.

If you are not fond of the common type of the Lucky Bamboo plant, you can even buy the dancing spiral bamboo. It’s not considered to be “lucky” specifically but it’s definitely beautiful, and is also very easy to grow and manage.

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Aloe Vera

We all know how important aloe vera is. It’s used pretty much for everything and its benefits are innumerable. It’s used in beauty and hair care products, it is the oldest medicinal plant worldwide. Having an Aloe vera plant at home is not just beneficial for its uses but it also adds a lot of beauty and freshness to the room.

Tulsi Plant

The Tulsi plant is probably one of the oldest and most famous household plants in India. It’s not just considered to be a sacred plant that is worshipped but is also very useful. It has been used as a medicinal plant for ages now-Tulsi/Basil is used for treatment of various diseases and disorder like gynaecological disorders and skin disorders. It’s a really good household plant as it gives out oxygen for 20 hours a day and absorbs all harmful gases from the air. The Basil plant is also used for cooking purposes as it’s a very important ingredient for a number of dishes.

The only disadvantage of having a Tulsi plant is that you need to remember to water it daily, as it quickly dries up. 

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Rose Plant

One of the most common plants that can be found in almost everyone’s garden- The rose plant. The most beautiful flower blooms on this plant, therefore being a reason why everybody wants to have at least one rose plant in their garden. You can have rose plans of different varieties and which give flowers of different colours- this way you can add even more colours and beauty to your room/garden.

One of the only disadvantages of this plant is that it requires a good amount of water and trimming too, plus beware of the thorns!

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Spider Plant

Spider plants are a very common household plant. With its long leaves, it occupies a good amount of space, therefore making it a perfect home decor item. This is one of the easiest plants to grow and maintain plus it’s also edible, thus making it harmless for pets

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Add indoor plants in your house- it will not only change the look of the rooms but will also make you feel better and calmer. It will add beauty and freshness to both, your house as well as your life!

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