5 Essentials for Camping

5 Essentials for Camping

Camping is a very good option to revitalize your mind. When you want to disconnect with technology and your routine life and want to connect with nature, you just need to pack a few essentials and you are all set to experience a whole different life like those in the ancient times, simultaneously, enjoying the benefits of the innovations of the modern times. Such essentials are mentioned below:
The tent is a necessary item if you are thinking of going camping. While buying a tent, you should make sure that it shields you from wind, sun, and rain. Also, ensure that it has a net so that you are not bothered by uninvited guests such as mosquitoes and other pests. Tents come in various sizes and shapes. You can choose according to your needs. There is a multi-room tent or family tent for camping which is more like a house. If you are a solo traveler, you can go for tents smaller in size. But it is always good to go for a bigger option. What if you have to make room for some new friends, you never know.
Sleeping Bag
A sleeping bag is another necessity when you go camping. A sleeping bag is one of the most important things one would need when beds are not available. They are lightweight and compact so they do not take much space and are not heavy on your shoulders. They give you the warmth that is needed for a good, peaceful sleep. Where can we find such warmth outside of our cozy beds? Sleeping beds make you feel that you are home. So, enjoy a comfortable sleep while camping!

Rucksack or Backpack
A rucksack or a backpack balances the weight and gives less strain on the shoulders. It provides you good comfort during the whole trip and is easy to carry. You can stuff it till the neck and won’t still feel much heavy and all of your essentials are stuffed in one single bag as rucksacks are very spacious. They come in different sizes so you can buy according to your height. They have side pockets too where you can fit in your bottles. They also have belts to give your body support, so that you don’t feel the load. Some come with rain hoods to prevent rain.

Flashlight or Lantern
Campers should pack the big things first and then move to smaller essentials. But you should not forget small things that are equally important while camping. One such item is a flashlight or a lantern. Flashlights illuminate the campsite. They are very helpful during the night. You should always keep extra batteries, in case you run out of battery. If you do not want to stress over battery issues, you should go with LED flashlights rather than regular ones as the former lasts longer. Some people prefer lanterns as it gives an antique touch. Carrying a source of light is important, be it in any form, it should serve the purpose.

Camp Chair
Why are you going for camping if you do not simply sit and relax? Camping chairs are portable, folding chairs that give you comfort and prevent you from sitting on the cold, rough floor of your tent. These chairs give proper support to your back. You can enjoy a scenic view by lakeside or mountains perching on the chair while camping. So feed yourself with some “me-time” over a cup of coffee, sit back, and relax!

Camping is fun if done in the right way. Possessing these essentials will help you get lost less and enjoy more. Research shows that camping does improve your health. Mental health improves when you step out of an enclosed shell. Outdoor activities help people control over-thinking and depressive thoughts. Camping offers you to explore nature at its best. You can see the beauty of Mother Nature in the form of hills, sand dunes, wildlife, seashores, sunsets, sunshine, and a lot more. You can spend nights under the roof of constellations. You can start your mornings with the sound of nature whispering you ‘good morning’ in your ears like the thrills of songbirds.

Our problem, today, is that we are so occupied in our lives that we have forgotten our families in the process. This busy schedule has created barriers between us and the people connected with us. We should take breaks and go on vacations, away from all those distractions. Also, through camping, we can teach our children how to light a fire, operate a compass, and make a tent practically. This would enhance the relationship with them and build friendships with them. Try, it’s a fun activity!
In the quest for more, we have lost ourselves somewhere. Every one of us is so busy that we don’t have time for our friends and family and sometimes for ourselves; yet so lonely that we find nobody by our side at the end of the day. So, it’s time to wander in the pursuit of happiness by finding ourselves in the first place. Take a break, go camping!

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