5 Important Tax Tips for Newly Married Couples

5 Important Tax Tips for Newly Married Couples

Are you ready for the tax changes that married life will bring?

Getting married may be a huge life event and one among the foremost exhausting processes you’ll go through! With such a lot happening , you can’t blame people for forgetting about mundane things like taxes, but you don’t want to be caught out.

Taxes are confusing at the simplest of times, and marriage brings variety of changes to how you file taxes. The last item you would like to try to to is start married life with an audit!

Don’t worry, we are here to assist . Read on for five essential tax tips that each newly marriage must know.

1.First Change Your Name on Your Social Security Card

The first thing you ought to do is change your name on your Social Security Card. you would like the name on your tax returns is that the same at the Social Security Administration. So, if you’ve got changed your name due to marriage, you would like to update all relevant agencies.

Your local Social Security Administration office will ask you to fill out a Form SS-5. Once you file this, you will get a replacement card together with your updated name. don’t be concerned though, your Social Security number will remain an equivalent because it was before.

Not everyone changes their name though after they marry . If you didn’t, you do not got to file this type or make any changes with the Social Security Administration.

There is some extent to changing your name with the SSA before you are trying to vary anything . It can actually be an excellent time saver. once you change your driver’s licence , bank details and utilities, you would like proof. You’ll actually be ready to use your SSA document as proof, which can make the entire process smoother.

2.Filing Separately vs Filing Jointly

Getting married has some major impacts on the way you file your taxes. Before marriage, your taxes will are filed as either ‘single’ or ‘head of household’. After marriage, you’ll need to choose from “married filing jointly” and “married filing separately”. most of the people will enjoy filing together.

When to File Jointly

To put it in simple terms, when filing jointly all of the tax thresholds and deductions are doubled. this suggests that under most circumstances, you’ll be paying an equivalent amount of tax when filing jointly as you’d if you filed separately. Not only this, but there are variety of tax breaks that are only available when filing jointly.

You may encounter some folks that still advise against filing jointly. this is often because the legal system has historically penalized married couples. The tax brackets for joint and separate earnings haven’t always aligned. This meant that filing jointly pushed many couples into a better tax band than if they filed separately, increasing their tax burden and even disqualifying them from certain tax credits.

Thankfully, tax reform has seen the income bracket for single and married people brought back to line with one another for about the wealthiest of married couples.

When to File Separately

But filing jointly isn’t the simplest bet. There are situations where filing separately has its advantages.

The most common of those is once you have an outsized income discrepancy, and one among you features a federal student loan. this is often because these payment plans are calculated from the income reported on your income tax return . instead of using your actual income figures, this may take the typical of your joint earnings.

Imagine that your partner earns $100,000, but you simply earn $30,000 a year. If filing jointly, then your loan payments are going to be calculated against half your joint filing of $130,000. But if you file separately, then your payment are going to be calculated only against your earnings of $30,000. The impact are often significant.

The difference this makes might be the maximum amount as $500 dollars monthly . Over a year, this might prevent a huge $6,000. If you’re enrolled within the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Plan, then this may be even more important. In these situations, the smaller payments greatly reduce the quantity you’ll pay back over the 120 payments required to possess your loan written off.

3.Check Out ALL Possible Tax Breaks

Getting married may be a busy time, but do not forget to see out all of your tax benefit opportunities. If you’re taking the time to research, there are some great concrete benefits you’ll make use of. it isn’t worth missing out on!

Here are a couple of examples:

• Larger charity donation deductions

• If one partner is out of labor , they will still qualify for a spousal IRA

• If you both work and have job benefits, you’ll pick and choose the foremost valuable from both plans

• Greater tax breaks for giant medical expenses

• Opportunity to qualify for earned tax credit

• If you’ve got children – the chance to qualify for child tax credits

If filing jointly is that the best choice for you, your spouse’s tax breaks will apply to you too. albeit you simply recently got married, you would possibly be ready to make use of those benefits to lower your bill. So confirm you both review your tax breaks from the previous year.

Look at investment losses, education credits, mortgage interest, and other breaks. Take the time to take a seat down and both undergo it together to spot joint tax breaks.

It’s important that you simply both rise up to hurry with each other’s tax situation so you’ll get the simplest of it going forward. you would possibly even discover a couple of extra tax breaks that you simply can sneakily qualify for before the top of the tax year. Using professional tax preparation software may be a good way to form this easier.

4.Tax Rules Are an equivalent for couple

In the historic US Supreme Court’s Obergefell v. Hodges, the choice legalized couple . On June 26, 2015, same-sex couples won the proper to urge married altogether 50 states.

The tax implication of this is often that same-sex couples even have to follow an equivalent federal tax laws. If you’re during a couple and are not sure of your tax obligations, the IRS has an FAQ page you’ll inspect . It’s archived now but it is a good place to start out to urge clued up.

Stay up so far with all changes to taxes for married couples though to form sure you are not caught call at the longer term . You’ll also want to stay an eye fixed on the present political climate.

Most states have taken on the Supreme Court’s and IRS’ decisions. But with what is going on on in Washington D.C you would like to stay an eye fixed for any changes. Also, keep clued up together with your state’s capital and tax department too.

5.Buying or Selling Homes

After marriage, an entire new chapter of your life begins. for several people, this brings a serious change in their living situation.

Once married, your joint income may now be large enough to permit you to shop for your first home together. Or if you both owned property beforehand, you would possibly look to sell your individual properties to shop for somewhere new together.

Mortgage payments on a home you own are deductible on your income tax return when married. These class as an itemized deduction and can reduce your tax burden. Also, when married the quantity of financial gain you’ll exclude from income when selling goes from $250,000 to $500,000.

But you would like to notice that if just one of you owned the house before marriage there’s a catch. the improved $500,000 exclusion will only apply if both of you reside within the house as your main home for a minimum of two years.

Start Your Newly Married Life off Right

As you’ll see, there are variety of belongings you got to know and do once you start doing all of your taxes as a newly marriage . Although it’s going to seem confusing, as long as you follow our tips, you will be on the proper side of the law, and should even save money!

Make sure that you simply keep your records up so far , and know the right thanks to file your taxes. which will keep you within the IRS’ good books! Also, make certain to research all of the tax breaks that available to you as a marriage . you will not be eligible for everything, but every little saving helps.

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