5 Mesmerizing Must-Visit Destinations for a Flower Lover

5 Mesmerizing Must-Visit Destinations for a Flower Lover

Ah! What do I say about flowers? Every time I am about to start writing about them, I usually get lost in the dreams of fields of flowers. I mean, who doesn’t love to be around fresh flowers? But don’t you agree that writing about flowers is a difficult subject?


Like how will it do justice to the color, texture, and the fragrance as these things cannot be defined into words, right? But still, I can try. Flowers are indeed very gorgeous, make for a perfect gifting option and if I’m not wrong, they even lift up the mood which is always needed in such a stressful world.


But seriously, Words cannot define the real beauty that flowers behold, you need to visit some places that remind you why flowers still hold the position of being the most beautiful thing on earth and why flower gifting is always in trend. Let me take your imagination to the next level. Imagine being in a field covered with millions of them. Yes, there are places, actually fields of flowers that you can visit. 


So, why sendflowers in USA when you can take your loved ones to places covered with flowers? Time to mark your calendars with holidays in prior because now I’m going to tell you the list of places you should definitely visit at least once if you are a flower lover.


And guess what? Two of them are in India!


The Tulip Field, India

Let’s begin the list with incredible India. For hundreds of years, India has been praised for its mesmerizing beauty, and you will believe it too once you visit the tulip fields in Srinagar. You will never forget the scene of those tulips blooming because, without any doubt, it is the most surreal display of beauty you will ever witness.


The place is set in Kashmir, so that explains it all. If you plan wisely and do your research work properly, then you will be able to witness the tulip festival held in Kashmir to celebrate the blooming season of tulips.


Wisteria canopies, japan

Well, we all are aware that Japan is home to some of the most admired wisteria canopies and tunnels that are over 150 years old. Well, whenever you wish to witness these canopies, visit japan. Ashikaga flower park, situated around 80 miles of North Korea, is where japan’s one of the most breathtaking wisteria canopies are located.


A 150-year-old tree that has a spread of unbelievable 80 meters is amongst 350 wisterias in the park. The milder climate, the sooner the bloom. So, It is always a good idea to check before the visit. And the best time to visit this place is from April to May.


Valley of flowers

When Keith bellows said, “there are some parts of the world that once visited, get into your heart and won’t go, for me, India is such a place,” he was absolutely right. Here comes the second place that belongs to India. It’s called the valley of flowers.


It lies somewhere between Uttarakhand and Kashmir, and it is a perfect combination of bohemian vibe and gorgeous color burst. This place is proof that beautiful facades and rustic nature can co-exist. Doesn’t that instigate you to get flowers online already?


Bluebonnets field, Texas

Pump up your budgets people because you’re going to America. Well, here comes a place that you will fall in love with, it’s called the bluebonnets field. It is situated in Texas. When you think of Texas, rolling hills and rustic charm may cross your mind.


But what if I tell you that central Texas is home to bluebonnet flowers? It is one of the most popular fields of flowers and is home to some of the rarest species. The area is filled with infinite bluebonnets, and it’s a place you should definitely visit once.


So next time, you want to surprise them on their birthday, instead of getting flower delivery in Kolkata or at their place, take these places into consideration. Because there is no place better than being surrounded by millions of poppies, roses, and tulips, oh, and don’t forget to flood your Instagram with pictures of these beautiful places

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