5 Steps for Creating a B2B Digital Marketing Plan 2020

5 Steps for Creating a B2B Digital Marketing Plan 2020

Business to Business or B2B marketing strategies is evolving significantly with many creative solutions that can deliver effective and quicker results. Whether you desire to enhance your ongoing campaign or still struggling with your upcoming marketing campaign, it is extremely crucial to design a result-oriented B2B Digital Marketing Strategy in adherence to the latest trends to ensure that you never fall back or lose out the valuable section of customers. With such a good number of tools available online today, finding the best option for B2B marketing won’t be challenging for you. Have a look at the top 5 steps used by best digital marketing companies in 2020 to create an excellent B2B digital marketing strategy.  


  1. Upgrading ABM Strategy with Conversational Marketing


Account-Based Marketing or ABM via chatbots is the latest trend in B2B digital marketing arena. The intelligent chatbots are not here to fade away soon as they are here to enhance your engagement in real-time with target accounts. Nine out of ten customers prefer messaging to communicate with their favourite businesses. This method is personal, convenient and faster, and consumers love messaging. Conversational Marketing Strategy is an efficient trick for your ABM campaigns as it uses targeted messaging to convert and nurture your consumers. Consumers who never fill out any form would appreciate the engagement with chatbots. The chatbot conversation would also help qualify your leads, and this will minimize the sales cycle. 


  1. Investing in Organic Search and Not on Paid Advertisements     


Ranking on top of search results for the keywords related to your business is the major driver of leads for your B2B business. Over 80% of the internet user today scroll right past paid search results and your business must be displayed on top of all organic searches. The top five ranking search results for keywords on search engines are likely to get 75% of clicks, and this often leads to quality leads with higher chances of conversion rate than those with outbound contacts.  


  1. Personalizing More in 2020


Personalization is the hottest topic that is not here to fade away soon. Over 80% of online consumers prefer choosing, suggesting and paying more for the brands and businesses that offer personalized services and user experience. Every business today has lots of data about their target customers, and using those data, they can easily personalize the email messaging, social media, event communications, surveys and user experiences. In 2020, businesses can even go further and devise new ideas and ways to use the data like job titles, website activity, and location to create targeted tactics and strategies that are useful and relevant to the recipients.      


  1. Make Use of Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing is a comparatively new concept in digital marketing. It is already proved to be a beneficial method for every online business, and it delivers great success when the right influencers are used to target the right demographics. There are several influencer marketing tools available that can help you find the relevant influencers for your services and products. The micro-influencers with small reach usually have a huge number of targeted audiences, and they are very helpful in the numbers of qualified leads for your business.          


  1. Revamp your Email Strategy


Email Marketing is still the leading marketing tool for B2B businesses in 2020. But without consistent updating and testing, your email marketing campaigns would decline in performance over time. So, it is time to revamp your email strategy, and the best way to initiate the A/B testing is the subject line. It would be best if you keep close attention on the subject line length, language and personalization to check what is drive in more leads. 


Apart from updating the email body, refresh and review the email templates and spam filters. Reviewing and updating the automated email templates once in a year is sufficient. But, the spam filters and algorithms are regularly updated, so you need to revamp it regularly. You can include tools with the usual marketing automation platforms to test the email database consistently for spam traps and negative emails. 




It may sound daunting at times, but building B2B digital marketing strategy in 2020 is rooted in the opinion of customer focus just like other types of digital marketing strategies. You need to hire the best and experienced SEO company in Delhi to develop a robust and best marketing strategy for your B2B business.     

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