9 Ways to Make This Women’s Day Fantastic For Employees

9 Ways to Make This Women’s Day Fantastic For Employees

On March 8th every year, people all over the world celebrate International Women’s Day. This is the day to celebrate the social, political, economical, and cultural achievements of women and honor them. It is time to observe how far we have come and also to recognize how much farther still we have to go. This day also marks a call to action for speeding up gender parity. Women’s equality has gained much positivity, but the world is still unequal. Many organizations, charities, governments, clubs, women’s groups, educational institutions, corporations, and media celebrate women’s day. You can also celebrate it with unique women’s day gifts.

 Many companies celebrate this day grandly. Also, they present various exquisite women’s day gifts for employees. To get started, here are few ideas for celebrating this day at your organization.

 Ask Everyone To Wear Purple:

With the theme of purple, you can ask all your employees (both men and women) to wear purple, supporting the day. The color purple is associated with feminism, and it symbolizes achievements gained and yet to come. As this day is centered around inclusivity and balance wearing purple is super easy to set the tone in the office.

Decorate the Office:

To get your employees into celebration mode, the right way is to decorate your office, especially in purple. You can also put inspirational posters, place purple balloons on tables and also welcome all the female employees with roses. To encourage team bonding, you can make these arrangements in groups the night before.

A Movie Show:

International Women’s day is the perfect day to celebrate empowerment, equality, and everything about women which we know throughout history to the present day. What could be a better way than watching an inspirational movie together? Many inspirational movies can be played on this day.

A Competitive Sport:

This day is an opportunity to break all the stereotypes. Who said, that women like indoor games? You can organize a completely outdoor game event. It can be something traditional like cricket or football or any other team-building activities. You can make every woman employee be a part of it.

Self- Defence Workshop:

You can organize a self-defense workshop for women, which they could make use of. You can include techniques like escaping carjacking attempts, knowledge of weapons, awareness in streets, body language, etc. This could be a stunning gift for women’s day.

Photo Contest:

You can make employees post photos of what they think is an ideal women’s day celebration. You can make them upload to the company website where other employees could vote for their favorite post and then organize a prize draw between the top three prizes.

 Quiz Contest:

You can prepare a set of questions related to women’s day and conduct a quiz contest. Also, you can announce attractive incentives for winners, which makes them not only interested but also could test their awareness about this day and gender equality. This can be the best way to make them learn more regarding women’s day.

Inspire and Get Inspired:

Give employees a platform to share stories about the women in their lives who have been their strength and inspiration. It is a meaningful and thought-provoking way to make employees realize the role women play in their lives while allowing everyone to bond through their sharing.

Thank You Note:

Take a moment on this day to thank all the people of the organization who have helped support your purpose, mission, and values. Some ideas can be setting up massage stations, dropping off flowers on everyone’s desk, providing a healthy lunch, offering a yoga or exercise class, and many more.

 You can even get the best women’s day gifts online, for every woman in the organization. When considering the women’s day celebration at work, it is important to form teams, brainstorm, and get the creative energy flowing. There are countless ways to make your employees involved and excited on this day. Make the best arrangements and turn this day an unforgettable memory.

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