A detailed guide to phone tracking apps for your kids and employees

A detailed guide to phone tracking apps for your kids and employees

Let us talk about tracking and monitoring the activities of your kids and employees. These days the tracking has become an essential part of our lives because parents are so busy to be by the side of their kids all the time and see what they are doing. In this situation, these mobile tracking applications come handy. When you are trying to protect your kids from any unusual drama or inappropriate content or dangerous personality hazards from the online media, this phone tracker is the best option for you. Not only for the kids but also the employees and employers. Now with the phone tracker applications, employers can be carefree about data leaking from the company and slow productivity. This mobile tracker application will provide you with a report on the productivity and the sources where the data has been leaked. Let us talk about the mobile tracker app and their must-have features to lead the market. TheOneSpy mobile tracking application is the one which is leading this industry these days.

What is TheOneSpy tracking application?

TheOneSpy tracking application is a monitoring and tracking application for the people who are looking for some assistance to track the activities of a targeted person. This tracking application marks as the number one application among the many other online tracking applications. The features of this mobile application are robust and perfect for every parent and employer as well. There is a long list of features that this phone tracking application has to offer. However, you can also use this tracking application on the mobile phone, Windows computer, and Mac OS.

Call tracking and contacts information

The call tracking feature is one of the famous and most important features of this application. When you are trying to have most of the information about the person, you need to know who is calling and who the person talking to. When it is about kids, you must not know the whole social circle of your kids, but you should also know who they are talking to. To know more about the social circle of your kids, you can go through the contact information. This feature will also provide you with information about the contacts and will provide you withthe call logs of the targeted device.

Browsing history and internet content

With the use of this TOS application, one can easily know about the browsing history of the person. Most of us have a personal mobile phone, and almost all of us clear the browsing history if we search for some inappropriate content, same as the kids do. This application provides you with a leverage of tracking the browsing history at its fullest. The browsing history will tell you a lot about the personality of a person or the things they are involved in. If you see that your kids are watching something inappropriate or involved in something that does not safe, you can stop them after getting all the information from the browsing history. The browsing history will provide you with information about various social media applications that were visited on many websites that were browsed even it is cleared by the owner of the device.

The location feature

Most of the time, it is almost impossible to track down the targeted user. However, it is possible with the tracking application. This tracking application will provide you with the delivery of tracking the current location of the user. It will provide you with the exact location of the targeted user that to on the Google Maps that you can easily reach out to the person. Now, you no longer need to chase anyone to make sure that they are safe and sound. The tracking application will provide you with the exact location so that you no longer waste time finding the targeted person here and there.

Remote use

One can remotely use this monitoring and tracking application. You can use a control panel to track all the information within the mobile phone. You can track the targeted device remotely, anytime.

Capturing the screen and might recording

You can track the screen easily with the help of the TheOneSpy application. And through the mic recording, you can listen to the people and listen to what they are talking about with the help of the Mic bugging. You can listen to what your kids are talking about and what they are planning to do. TOS is the most dynamic application to keep an eye of your kids for their safety.


All in all, the TOS phone tracker application is one of the best ones that you can find on the internet. This will not only prove to be the best and most trusted phone tracker but also provide you with the perks for using it. The application is having reasonable packages so you can pick one as per your needs.

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