Australia: Shark’s Own Country

Australia: Shark’s Own Country

Australia exists in a faraway land in the Southern hemisphere of the earth and that’s a large part of the reason why it is home to the biggest ecosystem on earth, the Great Barrier Reef. Most of its nature remains untouched by time. Australia is an island nation and that reasons out why a major part of sea life inhabits itself in this wonderland. Speaking of sea life, one of the deadliest members of the underwater kingdom, Sharks happen to infest in large numbers in Australian waters. Many fatal attacks by sharks on divers have also been reported from here. You can probably imagine the intensity and the number of sharks which might be thriving in the Oceans around Australia. But it would still be great to get a close up view of the majestic sharks right? Here are some of the best spots in Australia to go shark cage diving, take a cruise in the shark infested waters or even swim with them!

Ningaloo Reef

Situated off the coast of Perth, you can snorkel along with the sharks in the Ningaloo Reef. It is one of the largest reefs in Australia and you will come across many other members of the underwater kingdom here like the Manta Rays, Dolphins and of course the great Whale Sharks. During the season of fall in Australia, these sharks visit the reefs for feeding. Swimming with these beautiful creatures is safe and undoubtedly one of the most exciting experiences.

Eyre Peninsula

Australia’s seafood capital, Port Lincoln is a shark hub and one of the best places to indulge in shark cage diving. A cruise takes you past this scenic region and by the time you take in the beautiful view of the Lincoln National Park, it’ll be time to say hello to the great white sharks. Literally! After you put on your wetsuits, delve into the cage and brace yourselves to be greeted by a great white!

Coral Sea

The entire fauna of sharks thrive in the Coral Sea. Exotic varieties of Hammerhead sharks, Leopard sharks and also the Dwarf Lanternshark can be found in this region. Although this place will not be the best option for any kind of shark cage diving or underwater activity for that matter, this place is one of the most preserved shark zones in the world. Make sure you keep your safe distance from these creatures if you’re holidaying in the Coral Sea region in Australia.

Shark Bay

If you are an adventure junkie, Australia has got some crazy experiences for you. If shark cage diving seems too mainstream for you, then how does swimming with the sharks sound to you? Shark Bay situated off the coast of Perth is a World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO. You do not need any prior experience in scuba diving for spotting the sharks here. You might be able to see close to 30 varieties of sharks either directly in the Shark Bay or if you choose to swim in the lagoon nearby.

Byron Bay

This spot is supposed to have a huge number of sharks, so much so that there have been multiple shark attacks here which have been reported in the last 30 years. Byron Bay was thus regarded as the ‘Shark Attack Capital’ in Australia. But after a couple of supervisional activities through drones for protecting visitors of the region from imminent attacks, it has now become quite safe for people to visit.


Without a doubt, the capital of Western Australia comprises most of the shark infested waters. It has become a topic of public and political debate on how the control on shark attacks can be brought about. The general public have also been part of some Anti-shark protests. Measures are being taken by the government to curb such attacks to make waters surrounding the City of Perth safer for surfers, divers and beach enthusiasts.

Nevertheless, all said and done, the dream of swimming along with the majestic creatures of the underwater kingdom is definitely on everyone’s bucket list. Opt for safe shark cage diving and diving in waters which are not infested by too many deadly sharks. Even today, when most people plan their vacations to Australia, water activities are a must do. Apart from indulging in the scuba diving and parasailing activities, make sure you also show some love to the sharks. Click some of those Instagram worthy shots and brag about your experience once you’re back home. Speaking of vacation, you might be confused about whom to approach for taking up activities. This is where trusted travel companies like Pickyourtrail come into the picture. Find tour packages to Australia right here. So, start planning and happy travelling!

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