Before Pills and ED Supplements: 9 Home Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

Before Pills and ED Supplements: 9 Home Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

Do you struggle with male erecticle dysfunction (or ED for short)? If so, you are not alone.

Approximately 40 percent of men are suffering from ED at age 40, which number increases to just about 70 percent by the time they reach age 70.

Because it’s such a standard condition, there are tons of various ED supplements and prescription medications that men can use to assist improve their symptoms. However, a number of these options accompany troubling side effects.

If you’re wary of using supplements or pharmaceuticals, keep reading. Explained below are some effective natural and at-home remedies you’ll try before you switch to ED supplements.


At first, having tiny needles inserted at various points throughout the body might sound sort of a strange thanks to treat male erecticle dysfunction . for several men, though, it works.

The theory behind acupuncture is that it helps to alleviate energy blockages. this enables energy to flow freely through the body and keeps everything functioning because it should.

Even if you do not believe altering energy flow, acupuncture can still promote relaxation and stress relief. Both things are important for managing ED symptoms.


If acupuncture doesn’t appeal to you, there are many other solutions you’ll try, including good old-fashioned exercise. Exercising regularly is sweet for all aspects of your health, including managing your ED symptoms.

Exercise can help to enhance mood and relieve depression, which may cause ED in some men. once you exercise often, you’ll notice improved blood flow throughout the body and increased testosterone levels. It also can assist you reduce .

These factors may contribute to a discount in signs of ED.

3.Healthy Diet

Besides exercise regularly, you furthermore may need to specialise in eating a healthy diet. Healthy eating, like exercise, affects (for the better) essentially all systems of the body.

For managing ED, there are some specific nutrients you’ll be wanting to specialise in including in your diet. This includes antioxidants from fruits and vegetables and healthy omega-3 fatty acids from fatty fish just like the salmon.

You’ll also want to attenuate your consumption of sugar and processed foods, both of which may cause weight gain, increased inflammation, and other health issues.


If your diet is on point and you’re exercising often, you’re on the proper track to naturally fighting off symptoms of ED. However, it’ll be hard for you to ascertain the results you would like if you do not get enough sleep. Sleep is important for correct hormone production.

Without adequate rest, your body won’t produce the maximum amount testosterone, which is important for combating male erecticle dysfunction . Poor sleep also can contribute to weight gain, and depression and other issues which will make ED worse.

5.Stop Smoking

Smoking impairs blood flow throughout the body and may contribute to blockages within the arteries. this will cause or contribute to the symptoms of male erecticle dysfunction . That’s why doctors often want to understand if you smoke once you come to them to speak about your ED symptoms.

Giving up smoking can have an enormous impact on your symptoms and may provide you with tons of relief. It’ll also make other natural remedies, like exercise and sleep, easier and simpler .

6. Reduce Alcohol Intake

Overdoing it on alcohol can make ED symptoms worse.

It’s a central systema nervosum depressant, and it can contribute to both temporary and long-term ED. this is often because the central systema nervosum is liable for the discharge of gas . Without adequate gas , it’ll be hard for you to urge and maintain an erection.

You don’t need to hand over drinking altogether. However, you’ll got to crop if you would like to ascertain an improvement in your ED symptoms without counting on drugs and supplements from your doctor.

7. Avoid Certain Medications

Some medications also can cause ED or worsen your symptoms. This includes anti-depressants (which is ironic considering the very fact that depression also can contribute to erectile dysfunction), diuretics, corticosteroids, vital sign medications, and cholesterol medications.

You shouldn’t stop taking any medications without first consulting your doctor. If you think that one (or more) of the drugs you’re taking regularly affects you, ask them about switching to something else or getting off of it altogether.


You may not want to believe supplements or prescriptions from your doctor to manage your ED. However, you’ll want to think about certain herbal remedies.

Most times, herbs like ginseng , Horny Goat Weed, and pomegranate juice can provide benefits to those battling ED.

This has got to do, in part, with the very fact that they increase gas production within the body. This helps to enhance blood flow and may make it easier for you to urge and maintain an erection.


Besides of these other natural male erecticle dysfunction treatments, hypnosis also can be very effective.

Hypnosis for male erecticle dysfunction  has not been studied as thoroughly as another approaches, but many men have seen impressive results after undergoing hypnotherapy.

Working with a hypnotherapist can help to enhance mood and promote positivity. This minimizes feelings of depression, which may be a contributor to male erecticle dysfunction .

Hypnotherapists also can assist you hand over certain habits which may worsen your symptoms, like smoking or excessive alcohol consumption.

At-Home Treatments First, Then ED Supplements

As you’ll see, there are tons of effective natural routes you’ll pursue before you’re taking ED supplements.

Sometimes, supplements are necessary to assist you are feeling your best. Often, though, you’ll see great results by changing your lifestyle and using more holistic approaches.

Do you want to find out more about improving your overall health and wellness? If so, inspect the Health section of our site today for extra resources.

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