Blogging Why do people leave because of it in 6 months

Blogging Why do people leave because of it in 6 months

If 100 people start blogging on the Internet then within 6 months 99 people leave blogging and only 1% are able to regularize blogging, what is the reason for this and why is it that people are not able to succeed in blogging and blogging We have given up doing it, I will told you in this post about the cause of it.

While blogging, everyone thinks that he will do blogging and earn a lot of money like other bloggers do, but when 6 months have passed and they have no earnings and neither do they know by blogging.

Whatever time it is in 6 months, it is known that if you have a passion, then you will continue to do anything new or leave blogging after that. This is the main thing to be unable to earn and after 6 months of blogging, about which I am going to tell you.

To start blogging, you should have good knowledge on some topics, so that you can be easier to blogging and you can become a good blogger:

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Actual has to write the content well so that it can be understood properly, so that you can create a User Friendly and Informative Content which is very important inside Blogging.

When you have good information about content marketing, then you can write a good article that your readers will like and they will get more and more information from your article.

Social media marketing

Most people just think that social media marketing means sharing their articles on social media sites, so that they can get more promotion and traffic increase on your blog.

This is not the case in Real because you can check practically how many social media sites you share your article, yet only 100 visitors will visit your blog or even less because most of the people about Social Media Marketing I have only misconceptions.

Social media marketing in actual means that you understand this thing, what the interest of the people is and where there are people in your interest, share your article, no one will come to your site or share your site. It will form a bad image.

Here are the tips for traffic lane from Facebook, in which you have been told about some ways, you can promote your article by using it properly.

On Page SEO

The maximum traffic on any article can come from Search Engine only because millions of people use Search Engine daily. So, when you do article on page SEO, then your article performs very well on the search engine and starts showing on the first page in the search result, which can cause a lot of traffic increase on your blog.

Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO is very important for the website, you will also get HMH information about it. It is important to have knowledge of both On Page SEO and Off Page SEO, whenever you can get the blog ranked correctly, besides this, you should have complete knowledge of SEO.

Online Earning Methods

Most people think that Google AdSense is the best source for online earning. For this reason, he always puts only AdSense Ads on his blog and keeps blogging.

It is true that Google AdSense is a good and trusted option to earn online earning, but if you want to become a successful blogger and earn maximum earning from your blog then you have to understand that and what are the different methods with the help of You can increase your online earning.

We are not saying at all that you leave Google AdSense is useless, no Google AdSense is the best but there are other sources of online earning through which you can do online earning.

Such as YouTube, Freelancing, Affiliate Marketing, Google Alternative Ad Services, Android App etc. You should collect information about all these and also do these in the side so that your blog can become more popular and your online earning can also increase.


After reading this article, you must have understood that what things should be information for you to blogging; actually we want to explain to you that people who leave Blogging do not get the right information of these things, the reason is that he is not able to do anything special in Blogging and soon becomes Bore.

If you want to become a successful blogger then first you have to understand how you can be Engage in Blogging, only then you will be able to engage others on your blog. I hope you liked this article.

If you have any question related to Blogging or Online Earning, you can comment, and if you also have any point which is necessary for blogging, then do share with us.

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