Braces for Children: When Should They Get It?

Braces for Children: When Should They Get It?

Should your child’s teeth be misaligned, it can be possible to use braces to restore their smile. However, with all the perks that braces treatment provide, when it comes to orthodontics, parents are most concerned about what time is the best for their child to see the orthodontist. Also, they want to know what age is best for children braces.

In the face of this, the truth remains that no defined age is the best. But it is recommended that an orthodontist is consulted for your child before getting braces. Why is this important? The reason is to enable the orthodontist to plan a course of treatment that will protect your child from problems later in life.

Should you be considering orthodontic care for your child or children, this should be done by the age of 7. Here at Chatfield Braces, we have bespoke orthodontic treatment plans that take care of crooked teeth and also straighten smile for patients, including children. Contact us for children’s orthodontics near me.

At What Age Are Braces Appropriate?

Just like adults, children have different mouth conditions based on growth and development. At childhood, there are changes children experience in their teeth, jaw and mouth. These changes are evident in the shape and size of their jaws from when they grow milk teeth. As children keep growing, you may begin to observe problems with the alignment of their teeth and bite. At the age of 7, if there is an orthodontic problem your child has, it will become very prominent. Some of these common issues are:

  • Underbite
  • Overbite
  • Protruding teeth
  • Uneven bite
  • Crooked teeth
  • Overcrowded teeth

The moment you observe these dental problems, you should book your child’s first consultation with an orthodontist. While the expert may not ask that your child get treated immediately, this timely appointment can help your child avoid future problems. Most importantly, the orthodontist can spot potential growth issues, plan a course of treatment, and expedite the procedure for treatment when it’s time. The beauty of taking your child to an early orthodontist appointment is that you won’t have to be bothered about when your child would get braces since the orthodontist will be the one to let you know.

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Be it clear braces, traditional braces or Invisalign that you want, the orthodontist will give you all the support, and guide needed in the procedure and inform you when the time is right to commence treatment. Sometimes, children get orthodontic treatment as early as 6 years. But some persons believe that between the ages of 8 and 14 is the best time for children to get braces or other treatment types. This is because the bones in the jaws and mouth are still growing and are not permanently strong at this age, allowing for a better straightening.

The danger of not giving your child orthodontic care on time is the severity of the misalignment they may develop as they grow older. Treatment may be possible, but it’s always safer and better to treat it early.

Book an Appointment for Your Child’s Initial Orthodontic Consultation

Do you have a child that’s is at the age of 7? Are you noticing they have certain potential orthodontic issues? Don’t waste any more time. Take them to see an orthodontist. The benefit of doing this outweighs the initial cost in the long run.

Here at Chatfield Braces, when you come for this consultation, our orthodontist will be able to create a custom treatment plan based on your child’s orthodontic case. This is aimed at helping them improve their smile and appearance. We have specialists at our practice that are skilled in giving children the right care for cases of crooked or misaligned teeth.

It is our pleasure to meet and work with you to book an appointment or know more about our services. We have the best orthodontic care for children along with dental services. With this provision, your child can get all their dental care at our practice. Isn’t that convenient?

If you are interested in London kids braces, you and your child are most welcome to our clinic even as we embark on a treatment plan that will create a much-needed difference.

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Our diagnostic check is highly advanced and can detect even the slightest dental problem. And like we said before, an early appointment is crucial since it will help your child in ways far more than treating their present condition. Also, from the result of your child’s orthodontic check, we will know when treatment should start and will be the ones to inform you when to bring your child.

Now that you know this, it is best your child get started with orthodontic checks when it’s right.

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