Budget-friendly Tile Ideas For Your Home

Budget-friendly Tile Ideas For Your Home

Contrary to popular belief, tiling can be affordable and budget-friendly. Tile price may vary, but there are a lot of ways you can incorporate this beautiful material into your home without ruining your finances. You can use expensive pieces to incorporate some luxury into your home while also utilizing cheaper alternatives for a high-end look. To help you, here are budget-friendly tile ideas for your home. Keep on reading!

Use Plain White Tiles

White is a universal color that can depict cleanliness and luxury. Compared to patterned options, plain colors are relatively cheaper. This means that you can go all out and lay them on your floorings and walls—without worrying about it getting too expensive. 

As long as you wash them often, you can enhance the look of your bathrooms and kitchens with plain white tiles. You also have the advantage of being able to pair a lot of colors with this—from patterned ceramics to vibrant counters and appliances.

Reserve Mosaic Tiles For Decoration

If you decide to use mosaic tiles all around your bathroom, it could get pricey. Instead, this smaller option can be used as a decorative element and you can pair them with plain tiles easily. For this, you can choose a colored option.

Mosaic tiles are commonly used as visual interest in bathrooms. The wall can be divided into three sections with two bigger areas designed with plain colors and the remaining used for laying mosaic. This is a simple but inexpensive way of incorporating color in neutral rooms.

Use Border Tiles Strategically

If you want a classic but failproof design, you can always rely on border tiles. These can be used to divide a wall into two horizontal sections, instantly upgrading the look of your room. For this, you can’t go wrong with painting your wall white—it depends if you want to lay the upper or lower area—and choose a colored part for the tiled surface.

Border tiles are usually patterned to create a division on a surface. You can opt to leave the white-colored wall untiled to save on tile costs. 

Direct The Eyes To Patterned Tiles

Some patterned tiles can be pricey, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t use them in your home. You don’t have to lay them all over your kitchen to achieve a stylish look—in fact, this can make a room look cluttered and tiny.

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Patterned tiles are used by designers sparingly to create appeal. You can use them for your backsplash, as an accent to stairways, and as a focal point on entryways. To make this successful, the general rule of thumb is to keep the majority of the space plain. This will increase the impact when you look at the bigger picture.

Create A Feature Wall Or Floor

Another classic design technique that is also budget-friendly is to create a feature wall or floor. By doing this you can opt for more affordable tiles for the rest of the room while spending a little more on the decorated area. One good idea is to lay mosaic behind sinks, tubs, and shower areas.

You can also implement this concept in other areas of the home aside from bathrooms and kitchens. This is also a popular choice for living rooms especially if you use stone tiles to decorate behind televisions or sofas.

Use Grout For A Solid Look

For people who don’t prefer the tiled look but want the durability and finish of tiles, you can use the same colored grout for a seamless appearance. You can enjoy the benefits of having a waterproof wall while making it look the way you desire.

You can use plain, patterned, and bold colors for this look. It can also be laid on backsplashes and kitchen counters so you can utilize the easy-to-clean feature of tiles.

Lay Your Tiles Unconventionally

If you want to try something different but only have a budget for plain tiles, you can still boost the style of your home by laying your tiles in an unconventional pattern. The best way you can do this is by opting for the rectangular option and applying them in a diagonal direction. 

Another idea is to choose contrasting colors—such as black and white—and lay them on a zigzag pattern next to each other. You can use this on your feature walls!

Key Takeaway

If you’re budgeting your money and looking for more affordable tile prices, you may be wondering if you can still achieve high-end designs in your home. With all the expenses due to remodeling and renovating a house, it is understandable why many are looking for reasonably priced but good quality options.  

But the good news is you can still have a very stylish home with a limited budget. Just look for creative ways to lay tiles and you’re good to go! Hopefully, these tips can help you achieve your dream home.

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