Choose an Organic Futon Certified by Trusted Accreditation Agencies for Better Health

Choose an Organic Futon Certified by Trusted Accreditation Agencies for Better Health

It is simpler to purchase a futon, which can be converted into a bed or sofa easily. This type of mattress is easy to store, simpler to clean, and comfortable as well. Hence, multiple buyers prefer a futon for their extra bedroom.

However, do think that an organic futon certified by trusted agencies is better?

Of course, the organic nature of your bedding reveals that no chemicals were used during manufacturing. This means that your organic futon which is Greenguard Gold Certified doesn’t emit chemicals when you are sleeping. You are not exposed to harmful fumes during the night.

Below we have discussed when a mattress gets Greenguard Gold Certified and why you need a futon certified by accredited agencies.

Which Product Gets Greenguard Gold Certified?

When a futon is certified by Greenguard Gold, you get the best quality products. For the Greenguard Gold Certified futon, the manufacturer has to send the products or futon for scientific testing. During this testing, environmental chambers assess the mattress for chemical emissions or any related exposure. Once these products are closely scrutinized and cleared, they become Greenguard Gold Certified.

Why you need Greenguard Gold certified futon?

Without your notice, your inorganic bedding elements radiate toxic fumes and decrease the quality of air in your bedroom. Whenever you are in your bedroom, you are inhaling these fumes, which slowly harm your body. These are especially harmful to newborns, children, and pregnant women.

When a product is Greenguard Gold Certified, you can be assured that it has passed the tests for chemical exposure, volatile organic compounds, phthalates, pollutants, and formaldehyde.

Why You Need A Futon Certified by Trusted Agencies?

After considering when a product would get Greenguard Gold Certified, it is obvious that you should purchase an organic futon. In the following pointers, we have explored why this is the best choice.

  1. Organic Material

Your regular futons are packed with harmful chemicals. From sourcing to manufacturing, synthetic material and formaldehyde are used in various instances. Needless to say, these emit chemicals in your bedroom. If you purchase a fire-resistant futon, these are additionally passed to more number of chemical treatments, which contain VOCs. These chemicals usually become responsible for your respiratory disorders and breathing problems. In fact, these chemicals can easily trigger your allergies if you are asthmatic or have other respiratory disorders.

Hence, buying a futon certified by an accredited agency helps you avoid these chemical fumes. You can peacefully sleep knowing that your futon or mattress is safe and secure for you and your family.

  1. Comfortable

It is unknown to many that our sleep depends on multiple external drivers. Some individuals are more comfortable on soft beds and some on firm bedding. While that is still a choice, the organic nature of your futon is not. If your bedding is not organic, you may consistently feel the uncomfortable fumes of the chemicals, which may end up ruining your sleep. So, even when you have bought the best comfortable futon according to you, your sleep would be consistently hampered.

These synthetic mattresses are also not able to regulate temperature when you are sleeping. That adds to the discomfort of the individual when asleep. If you add to it low breathability, then warmer weather becomes extremely intolerable. An organic futon certified by Greenguard Gold can help you receive the comfort you are looking for.

  1. Resistant to Mold

One of the most pressing issues with futons and mattresses is the growth of fungus, mold, and mildew. If your mattress or futon is not certified, then it may become hard to decrease or eliminate mold growth. This fungal growth is a result of the low breathability of the futon. The reason behind this growth is the chemicals like polyurethane and other materials that tightly bind the mattress and make it unbreathable.

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However, futon certified by Greenguard Gold is breathable. This is also why the growth of mold and mildew is reduced to a great extent. Since air can consistently pass through these futons, you can easily enjoy allergy-free nights.

Tip: Flip, rotate, and sun-dry your futon every month to prevent moisture from getting trapped inside the mattress.

  1. Hypoallergenic

Due to the above reasons, Greenguard Gold Certified mattresses are also hypoallergenic. These futons are not treated with VOCs, formaldehyde, or fire-retardants, which eliminates the allergy-causing elements. Hence, your futon becomes hypoallergenic. It is perfect for people with allergies and conditions like asthma.

  1. Environment-Friendly

Another major reason to get a futon certified by Greenguard Gold is that it is environment friendly. Your mattress is made with 100% organic material and the processes utilized are also organic. So, your futon won’t end up harming the environment.


There’s no doubt in the fact that an organic futon certified by accredited agencies may be a bit costly than your synthetic mattress. However, this Greenguard Gold Certified futon will not harm your health. It offers optimum comfort, keeps you safe from allergies, and it is perfect for babies and pregnant ladies. So, without further ado, explore organic futon products and purchase one now

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