Cybersecurity checklist for your business

Cybersecurity checklist for your business

More than 50% small to medium-sized businesses suffer from cyber attacks and a lot of them have to shut shop as part of the consequences. Cyber threats are nothing to be taken lightly. They can cripple a business and cause more harm than entrepreneurs can ever imagine. Data breaches and ransomware attacks, for example, prove to be extremely costly and could end up draining a company’s future faster than any other business failure. Here is a small security checklist that businesses should follow to make sure they keep cyber threats at bay at all times.

Back up your data

Keeping a regular back up of all your important data can prove to be the best decision you will ever make for your business, owing to the fact that an alarming number of companies suffer from ransomware attacks every day. In fact, there is a ransomware attack happening every 11 seconds in the world. Ransomware attacks prove to be the most lethal attacks in cybersecurity history because they encrypt your data and demand for ransom in return for the decryption keys. There is no guarantee that paying the ransom will bring back the data. Businesses which do not back up their data regularly have no way of returning from a ransomware attack without taking a severe hit.

Keep all software updated

Make it a common business practice to update all software as soon as the updates are available. Software companies roll updates to fix security vulnerabilities and delaying that would expose your business to the risk of a breach or a cyber attack. Many cyber attacks are caused by bugs in outdated software run by businesses even though a patch was already available in the market.

Hire ethical hackers

Hiring ethical hackers for your firm is a great step you can take to ensure that you leave hackers with no chance to rip you off. Plenty of professionals with a certified ethical hacker certification are available in the market who can help you to not only ascertain your security posture but also to run penetration tests and find potential vulnerabilities before a hacker can so that you can get them fixed ASAP.

Train your staff

Training your employees is one of the most ignored things when it comes to cybersecurity. Your employees form your security parameter and infiltrating their devices is a way in for hackers into your organisation’s resources. Teaching your staff about safety practices is a must-do for every organisation, irrespective of its nature and size. Social engineering and phishing (which is a part of it) are the major reasons for cyber attacks today. Make sure your employees don’t make stupid mistakes that end up costing your company a fortune or its life.

Create an incident response plan

A good incident response plan can come in handy if you ever suffer from a cyber attack. A lot of businesses are under the false impression that they are very less likely to be attacked by hackers, whereas that’s far from true. Many businesses fail to act promptly and effectively when they are hit by a cyber attack. In such a crucial time, it is very important to quickly align your IT, PR, legal and other teams to stop the attack from causing further damage and communicate the incident to the affected parties. Having a strategic incident response plan will help you stay one step ahead in adverse times.

Enhance login security

Having weak passwords or a single factor authentication are the main reasons for hackers having unauthorised access to a system. It must be in your security checklist to make sure employees are using strong passwords and multi-factor authentication wherever possible.

In the end, remember to keep yourself and your employees informed and up to date with the best security practices and try to cultivate a more cyber-secure culture at your workplace. Anyone would agree that hiring a professional beforehand to prevent cyber attacks is better than hiring a professional trained in the CHFI course to investigate a cybercrime afterwards. After all, cybersecurity is all about knowing where and how to invest your money and time. 

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