Delectable cake recipes to give a try in festive season 2020

Delectable cake recipes to give a try in festive season 2020

What is the one thing that is common between festivals and cake? Both bring happiness in the house. They both are known to make people happy. So, this season, leave no chance to indulge in some delectable experience by trying out the cake recipes that are best in taste. 

I don’t want to sound partial, but cakes are the most loved dessert in the world (of course after maa ke hath ke ladoo). So, expecting a new cake flavor every hour is very normal. The love for these cakes has increased so much with time that there has been a rise in the cake selling businesses. Now you can spot bakeries in every other street. The concept of the home bakery also came up due to the high demand of cakes and bakery products. So, just like me, if you too are a big fan of this delightful treat, then this article is just right for you

The best thing about this dessert is that it can be made in a thousand different flavors and still taste awesome. They come in such umpteen flavors that are irresistible for a cake lover. Even if you are not a big fan of this delectable treat, you will still find a flavor that will make your taste buds dance because of the wide options that you get. While you can’t have enough of the classic black forest cake, some new cake flavors are added to the list to make some changes in your cake delivery in Noida. Time to update your favorite cake flavor because we are here with the new irresistible cakes recipes for you. Let’s explore the world of lip-smacking cake recipes that have graced the world with their existence. 

Funfetti cake

Call it a sprinkle cake or a funfetti cake, the deliciousness and the fun element of the cake remains the same. The funfetti cake is a fun recipe that is typically a fluffy cake with white cream and sprinkles filled into it. The classic white-colored cake that has colorful sprinklers all over and inside looks amazingly perfect. The light and fluffy combo make it a nice dessert for a guilt-free indulgence. You can easily make this cake from scratch because it is a really easy recipe. 

Even the beginners should give it a try because the result is amazing. This dessert will be suitable for a kid’s party because the colorful concept over the white cake layers make a playful combo to excite the kids. The moist cake dotted with sprinkles is up the trend book.

Red velvet brownies

I know I know the list was for the cakes, but trust me, this recipe can match the level of any delectable cake recipe. The small brownies are ideal for any type of occasion to make your guests indulge in the light yet delicious desserts. If you are a fan of red velvet cake, then you will love this recipe as well. It is a mini version of the same red velvet cake, only delicious. 

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The added fun of them is that you can eat a whole mini brownies piece all at once. The rich red velvet brownies are put together with the creamy cheesecake filling. Now, that combination gives you a burst of flavor and a nice texture in every bite. If you want your dessert to be full of chocolate and rich cream, then this is your dessert. To sum up, this recipe is as delicious as it is pretty. 

Rum and raisin mud cake

Ah! Festive season and no rum? No, that cannot happen, I need to do justice. So, here is a trendy cake recipe that is a perfect combo of rum and raisins. You will love the cake in every bite if you love rum in your bakery products. The recipe is an outcome of three basic flavors, that are rum, raisin, and lots of chocolates. All the three ingredients blend together to make a cake that is a perfect indulgence in the cold festive nights while you snuggle in your cozy blanket with your loved ones. The cake is easily available online, you just need to get an online cake delivery in Gurgaon to enjoy the best cake of the season. 

Caramel apple cake

Another cake has two main ingredients that blend well with each other. If you don’t mind some extra sweetness in your cake, then this caramel apple cake should be your pick for the festive season. This recipe combines the two classics together, so the outcome has to be a hit. The cake does justice and is a perfect dessert to maintain the festive vibe.

This is a list of cakes that you should try in the season of festivals. All these cakes make a perfect dessert irrespective of the occasion you are celebrating. Your guest will definitely love them.

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