Discover The Most Beautiful Island Of The Seychelles

Discover The Most Beautiful Island Of The Seychelles

The Republic of Seychelles is a delightful archipelago in the Indian Ocean and comprises 115 islands. The gathering of islands close to African mainland is known for its characteristic view and is a significant traveler goal on the planet. While there are several spots that are moderately mainstream, Seychelles likewise has a few islands and attractions that aren’t very notable. So, if you are planning this summer to spend your time near beaches then Seychelles is the best option. To reach these places, book your american airlines reservations anytime because this airline provides you a very low budget tickets.

We should begin our voyage through the Seychelles islands and reveal these lesser known vacation spots!

1. Curieuse Island

The 2.86-square-kilometers Curieuse Island is a bio-save with no settlement, inns or cafés on the island. You can lease a vessel and visit this island to see the immaculate, immaculate nature and the National Marine Park! The dirt of this island is unusually red in shading, giving it the epithet ‘Red Island’. It is likewise one of the main two places on the planet where Coco de Mer develops normally, the other being Praslin Island. Coco de Mer is a secured elaborate tree that creates the world’s heaviest seed — 17.6 kg! Other than Coco de Mer, you can likewise observe and take care of the goliath tortoise in the national park.

2. Sainte Anne Marine National Park

Holy person Anne Marine National Park was set up in 1973 to protect the untamed life in the locale. Taking a voyage through this marine national park takes quite a while in light of the fact that it is spread out across eight islands. In any case, in spite of all the trouble to the child, it is appropriate! You choose scuba plunging or swimming to investigate the coral reefs and marine life.

On the off chance that swimming isn’t your specialty, bounce onto the glass-base vessels to watch the existence submerged without getting wet. The island causes an extraordinary goal for couples on special first night as they to can go through some close minutes in the sumptuous and private Sainte Anne Island Resort while getting a charge out of the reasonable turquoise water encompassing the island.

3. Cousin Island

In the event that you think Curieuse Island is so little, you should visit Cousin Island! Spreading over just 0.34 square kilometers of land made up of stone shakes, the island is a basic region for winged animals hold. Other than winged animals, endemic species like Seychelles reptiles, Aldabra Giant Tortoise, and Seychelles larks are additionally normally found here. Try not to be astounded in the event that you can’t discover any rubbish receptacles and flush toilets on the island.

The island is tied in with limiting waste, so you need to complete your trash of the island. Try to carry your camera and zooming focal points to snap a couple photographs of the jeopardized species here.

4. Aride Island

The northernmost island in Seychelles, Aride Island might be little in size however it has the greatest number of rearing species among all the Seychelles islands. 18 local winged animals species are reared on this island, for example, Seychelles Fody, Seychelles Magpie Robin, and Seychelles Sunbird. In any case, the island is just open on weekdays and is likewise shut from May to September because of the solid ocean ebb and flow.

5. Les Rochers Restaurant

With regards to nourishment, Les Rochers Restaurant realizes how to spoil its clients well. Situated in Praslin, Les Rochers Restaurant is known for its lavish and new fish. Other than the fantastic nature of nourishment, the feel of the eatery, just as the amazing perspective on the ocean, makes the experience far better. The nourishment might be somewhat steep in cost, however there’s nothing amiss with overdoing it for phenomenal nourishment now and again, isn’t that so?

6. The Port Launay Mangrove Forest

After all the nature saves and great sea shores in Seychelles, head to Port Launay Mangrove Forest for a less touristy spot. The tremendous mangrove woodland is situated at Port Launay, the home to seven mangroves species. Port Launay Mangrove Forest is the last mangrove territory accessible in the entire nation — that clarifies the especially severe preservation exertion. At the point when you are here, get a guided kayak visit to paddle through the rich mangrove timberland while finding out about its significance to Seychelles biodiversity and scene.

In contrast to run of the mill island goals, Seychelles has significantly more past lovely sea shores and flawless submerged life. Take as much time as is needed here and gradually find the magnificence of every island in Seychelles. The 115-island country has a lot of normal attractions that you can never get exhausted of.

Best Time To Visit Seychelles

We recommend you the best time to visit Seychelles during April, May, October and November. As a rule these months are a beautiful environment to examine the nation.


Many people visit different islands every year in different destinations for spending a good time with their loved ones. Here we discuss the beauty of Seychelles because very few people know that this place is adventuresus or amazing. Spirit airlines reservations gives you many flights to visit this places anytime. So you can explore the most beautiful beaches of the world and if you love to spend time on the beach then this places should be in your bucket.

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