Fue hair transplant in Lahore

Fue hair transplant in Lahore

If you are looking fue hair transplant in Lahore from an experienced and foreign qualified hair restoration surgeon then definitely Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry has 20 years experience in this field. FUE is a modern and different method from the Previous Transplantation methods. It acquires Natural Methodology and is based on a Procedure of various steps. It is a cure to People with various types of Hair Deficiencies. Different People with Different problems such as receding Hair line, Balding and Partial Hair loss find it an easy and less painful cure rather than previous Transplantation methods. The Basic features which make it more successful and less painful than other methods include Natural techniques, Latest technologies, High success rate and guarantee of not losing hairs afterwards. It is a very common treatment in Developed Countries however it’s still a new one in Developing Countries.

Just like any other treatment a Patient follows a number of stages while having FUE Treatment however it is more time consuming than strip surgery. Its first step is based on the Removing of Grafts from the skin of the Patient. This step is followed by the slits Stage where thin skin canals are made wide enough to make the plantation of hairs easy. The basic purpose of this step is to minimize any chance of problem or pain for the patient. The last and final step is carried out by planting the Hairs in the Canals of the Patient by passing out the Hairs through wide space of canals and then closed out. Here the Mainstream process and FUE Transplant transplant Duration finishes and now patient have to follow some Recovery Stage Precautions which includes some serious care of the Head. A patient should avoid Workouts, Swimming, Showering and wearing any sort of Cap.

There are some also Consequences for this FUE Hair transplant but one not need to worry or get panic about them as they are a part of the treatment and every patient have to face them for a limited time. This includes the Redness of Scalp for first 2 or 3 weeks. Hair fall of the transplanted hairs can also occur in the coming months and hair growth can be slow but all these things are the part of the Recovery Procedure.

A patient may expect some Post treatment problems such as infections or bleeding in any unforeseen case or reason however it’s a very rare set of problem.

FUE Hair Transplant in Lahore is achieving new heights due to latest techniques and methodologies of treatments coming day by day with more ease and less complexions but these things have sometimes bring a Disadvantage to the Patient and that is High Cost and increased time of treatment process. This Procedure also involves high level of skill and learning. The cost of this treatment can not be a fixed as it covers a number of factors to consider in the Procedure which can vary from patient to patient. The main factors include the number of Hairs to be transplanted and the Specialty level of the Surgeon. Some Post treatment costs can be included such as use of antibiotics or other medicines to avoid any sort of unforeseen issue. However Fue hair transplant in Pakistan is still very reasonable and economical.

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