Key Differences: High-Quality Links vs. Low-Quality Links

Key Differences: High-Quality Links vs. Low-Quality Links

Backlinks play an important role in achieving online business goals and getting ranked on search engine result pages. The motive of all individuals is to hold the #1 ranking position. It can be possible if you are creating high-quality backlinks according to Google’s ranking factors. Here, some individuals may get confused about the link’s quality.

If you want to achieve the ranking goals, you have to create high-quality links instead of low-quality ones. The quality of links is crucial to get the desired results and make things better. Here, you can get complete details about the link quality and related factors.

Valuable Aspects Related To The Backlinks

All people are interested to understand what factors can be useful in figuring out the backlink quality. The followings are the valuable aspects of backlinks.

Domain Authority

The first and most important thing is the domain authority. All individuals need to focus on the domina authority carefully before creating any backlink. Sometimes, people do not pay attention to the domain authority and accidentally create links on the website with low DA.

The chances of getting backlinks crawled on low DA websites are low. DA of a website helps understand the authority and reputation in front of the search engine bots as well. Having links on authoritative websites can be useful in sending good ranking signals.

It can easily increase the trustworthiness of your website in front of Google bots. With the trustworthiness, the domain authority of your website also starts increasing equivalently. The trustworthiness and reputation of a website play a big role in ranking.


Another crucial aspect is relevance. Building links on authoritative websites isn’t enough for SEO success. You need to focus on the relevance as well. In case your links are not relevant to your service and business categories, you may not get the credibility of having high-authority links. Before start building backlinks, you should not forget to check out the source carefully.

You should choose the relevant sources of backlinks only. Creating links on irrelevant sources can become a reason for some major issues only.

Unique Links

Having links to authoritative and relevant sources is the main target of everyone. It is the biggest reason that’s why you can find links of your competitors there as well. Due to it, both of you come to the same level. You need to do something different and unique by which you can easily beat your competitors and get ranked in the search results.

It can be possible by creating some unique links. Now the question appears on how to get some unique links where your competitor may not reach. In these conditions, you have to rely on the natural links only. Try to become a part of different types of online events and industry-related conferences. All of your competitors may not join these sources.


The biggest thing that you have to keep in mind is the placement of links. If you create a link and place it in the wrong positions, it may not get clicked by the visitors. Traffic is one of the main motives for creating quality backlinks. While placing the backlinks, you need to be smart and put in the right place, where it can grab the user’s attention and get clicked as well.

These are some major aspects that can help you in taking care of the backlink quality.

What Are The Low-Quality Backlinks?

If you focus on the low-quality backlinks, it is easy to create these ones. You can create several low-quality backlinks in no time. Mainly, these types of links can be created on not authoritative and irrelevant websites. People who rely on low-quality links are focused on quantity of links, not quality; it is not good.

Sometimes, low-quality links start generating naturally. You should not focus on generating them. Having a link on the website or online source that is not related to your business or industry may not lead to any traffic or required audience. The following are some examples of low-quality backlinks.

Open Directories

Online directory platforms offer free advertisement services. Due to the free offers, all types of businesses and websites register there to get some links and improve online visibility. In reality, the online directories do not have any relevance because of multiple industries and a mixed listing.

Some users also avoid visiting the online directories because of confusion and mess that appears with lots of irrelevant websites and options. Still, if you want to create profiles on open directories, you should consider some reputed ones, such as – Yelp.

While accessing both types of sources, generic and reputed open directories, you can easily get the difference. Building links on generic ones can be a low-quality link building strategy.

Comment Links

Blog and forum commenting is another major technique follows by individuals while creating backlinks. In reality, comment links are considered low-quality ones if you do not place comments on the right one. Most of the time, people end up getting a comment link on a blog that is not relevant to their services.

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In these conditions, you will get irrelevant backlinks with no authority. Most of the authoritative websites do not allow to place any kind of promotional links in the comment. If someone tries to do such a thing, they simply remove the link.

Social Media Posts

According to some individuals, social media is a great source of backlinks. In reality, you can use social media platforms for business, products, services, and content promotions. You cannot consider it as a wise link building strategy. The social media links are counted under low-quality metrics because of their No Follow nature.

These are some key details by which you can understand facts about the low-quality backlinks with some explained examples.

What Are The High-Quality Backlinks?

The backlinks that are created by keeping all aspects (discussed previously) in mind considered high-quality links. Generally, these types of links are built on authoritative, reputed, and relevant websites. Along with all these things, a good link building strategy helps get some natural and unique backlinks. Some major examples of high-quality backlinks are mentioned below.

National News Sites

In all countries, there are some reputed and highly authoritative news sites available. You should try to target these types of online sources and get some credible links here. For all these things, you can contact the journalists who are writing lots of press releases and featuring different types of sources. It can be useful in making lots of things better for your SEO strategy. In these types of backlinks, you may find low relevance, but it can be a high-quality link due to the high authority and traffic flow.

Big Industry Blogs

There are numerous blogging platforms available on the internet. You can create accounts or profiles on these platforms and start submitting some lengthy and informative blogs. Here, you have to be careful with the selection of blogging platforms. You can easily find industry-specific blogging platforms. The blogging platforms may available with medium authority, but you can balance such a thing with high relevancy.

High-quality backlinks can help you get an effective push in the search engine ranking results.

Other Backlink Types

Along with high-quality and low-quality backlinks, you can find some other types as well, such as – medium-quality. Some examples of medium quality backlinks are –

Small Industry Blogs

These types of submissions or backlink creation are highly similar to the high-quality backlinks of big industry blogs. The major difference between both types of sources is the authority; the blogging platforms with low authority are counted under this particular category.

Local News Sites

Similarly, you may find some local news sites that are accessed by individuals in your particular region as well. Mainly, these websites are medium in authority and low relevancy, but you can get some local traffic.

While creating a good SEO and backlink strategy, you should not forget about medium-quality backlinks. These types of backlinks are highly useful in lending support in getting SEO success.

All these details can help you in getting lots of information about the backlinks and their nature. You should try to hire the best SEO experts who can create an impressive backlink strategy and build quality ones only.

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