How Much Does a Wedding Cost?

How Much Does a Wedding Cost?

Wedding dresses come in all shapes and sizes so the price of each wedding dress will differ from the price of another. With that being said there are certain factors that affect the price of a wedding dress that goes beyond just the shape and size. These factors range from the location of purchase, the designer of the wedding dress, the material of the wedding dress, the design of the wedding dress, and the brand associated with the wedding dress.

For the purpose of this article, we have done complete research and we will be categorizing the cost of wedding dresses based on where you intent to buy your wedding dress from.

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Buying a wedding dress from China ($50- $500).

It’s no secret that China is the new digital market place for buying literally anything and wedding dresses are not an exception. Buying a wedding from China is by far the cheapest option. The average cost of a wedding dress bought from China is $150 which would be of high quality. That being said, it doesn’t mean it’s the best option. The countless risk involved with buying a wedding dress from China might put an individual off at the first glances but there are some certain methods to ensure it doesn’t turn into a train-wreck.

  • Establish constant communication with your supplier. This ensures that the details such as size and length won’t be lost in translation.
  • Ask the supplier about the delivery date before making the purchase.
  • Ask for the real picture of the wedding dress not just the picture on display in their store.

These steps will enable you to buy the best wedding dress from China. The materials of the wedding dress and the length of the wedding dress would still play a vital part in determine the price of the wedding dress.

Buy a wedding dress in the US & Canada ($1000- $5000).

In 2019, researchers found that the average price of a wedding dress in Canada is a wrapping $1,500 while in the US the price ranges from $400 to $1600. The price difference, when compared to buying a wedding dress from China, is a totally different story. The biggest difference being the designers and brand influence the price of the wedding dresses in the US and Canada. Brands like Mori Lee, Maggie Sottero, Stella York, and Pronovias has redefined what a wedding dress has to be, in order make each woman feel elegant and well styled on her wedding day.

There are other small brands and wedding dress makers that can provide a high-quality wedding dress for $400 to $500 in both the US and Canada.

Buying a wedding dress in European countries ($1000- $3000).

In European countries, the cost of a wedding dress is within the range of $1000 to $3000. Irrespective of which European country wedding dress cost still maintains to fall within the price range. European wedding dresses have more varieties, designs, and brands which makes the prices within a settled range.


How much does a wedding dress cost depends on the location you intend to buy from. If you are looking to buy a wedding dress from China you could look into brands such as Dress Maid for an elegant and quality wedding dress. If you are in the US or Canada search for a wedding dress then consider the following brands Mori Lee, Maggie Sottero, Stella York, and Pronovias. For those in Europe, there are different brands within your reach that offer high-quality wedding dress at an affordable price range.

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