How to Care For Your Carpet in 2020

How to Care For Your Carpet in 2020

People choose different kinds of floor finishes including carpets. This makes it a centre stage attraction. Imagine walking onto a neatly laid carpet without dirt, the feeling is overwhelming. It gives your space a boost like never before. Alternatively, a dirty-looking carpet is not only a total turnoff but a threat to health and safety. There’s no denying the fact that immediately you lay a carpet, the countdown on its longevity begin, but aside hiring the best carpet cleaning expert in London to deep clean, there are a number of things you can do to keep it clean, fresh, and durable.

The first reason for getting a carpet is to give your floor a beautiful finish. The second reason might be your love for carpet and how your feet feels on it. But, as with everything, maintenance is key if you want it to last long.

We would be explaining the essentials of keeping your carpet in tip-top condition believing it’s going to be of great help to you.

So, let’s begin:

Don’t wear shoes on carpets

It might sound a little bit unsettling, but if you really want the most out of your carpet, you need to take off your shoes before stepping on it. The reason is that shoes will soil and wear your carpet early. How? Your outdoor shoes carry dirt, mud and other particles which are dropped on the carpet as you walk over it. These dirt build up and over the carpet fibres, covering its original beauty and reducing the quality over time. Have you not noticed that the more dirt a carpet carries, the duller it looks in appearance? That’s exactly what shoes do to the carpet. So, remember always to take that shoe off. You don’t want your pricey carpet to fade off so fast, do you?

Get mats for inside and outside your entrance

Some houses don’t have an entrance hall where residents or visitors can put their shoes before entering. Well, if you live in this kind of house, simply buy entrance mats to clean off the dirt from the bottom of your shoes before taking them off. They are very effective for carpet protection. Entry mats come in various designs; there are some that can remove liquid smears and a lot of dust. Get a good one and keep your carpet clean always.

Regular vacuuming

Those beautiful feet on your carpet deposits particles of dirt and dust onto the dense fibres. You may not know but these pollutants with time will cause your carpet to deteriorate and look old. Should you have kids or pets in the home, properly vacuum clean your carpet every day. Should you live by yourself, taking off those dirt by vacuuming several times a week is encouraged. This will have a positive impact on the appearance of your carpet as time goes on. You can take vacuuming lessons if you don’t know how. It’s quite simple but methodic.

Get an expert carpet cleaning

Do you know that having your carpet professionally cleaned each year will add to its longevity than not having it done? The effect of a pro cleaning cannot be overemphasized. You may have been vacuum cleaning — take out dirt and mud from the surface but a deep clean is what you get from well trained carpet cleaners. This form of cleaning goes right into the core of the carpet to loosen adhered stains and debris and bring them to the top for easy removal. We do recommend you call in a good carpet cleaning company to come restore the beauty of your carpet.

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There are several techniques for cleaning carpets. The method you choose depends on the type of carpet you have and what works best. We will be discussing this next.

Carpet cleaning method to choose

Most carpets are usually cleaned using the hot water extraction (HWE) method; it’s a great choice.

The HWE as it’s often called is not like low moisture cleaning. Here, what happens is that pressure, moisture, and heat is applied to thoroughly clean the carpet from deep within; extracting dust and allergens such as dust and mites in the process.

Depending on the machine used for HWE, the difference is always clear.

Hire a carpet cleaning machine? No!

Getting a rental machine to clean carpet is sometimes not successful. Typically, what happens is that the carpet gets overwet, and it becomes difficult to remove excess moisture using a vacuum of low power and efficiency.

Put simply, these machines do not serve this purpose, and you may end up causing more harm than good. Instead, ask for professional help.

Don’t hesitate to clean up spills

Should you be capable of fixing stains once they happen, non-temporary damage can be kept at bay.

So, how do you fix a spill?

  • Take immediate action since a stain hasn’t yet occurred
  • Get a white towel or kitchen roll, cover the entire spill, press it down to suck in as much liquid as possible. Hold it down for a few minutes.
  • Remove the towel and check how much liquid has been blotted. Get another roll if necessary,  but don’t rub it or scrub the area
  • If the towel is no longer stained, wet a clean towel slightly with water and keep blotting the spill for a couple of minutes
  • Next, cover the area with a clean towel and hold it down and in position with a heavy object for some hours
  • Check the stain for any remaining colour. If there is, it’s time to call in a carpet cleaning expert

With these tips, you can do well to maintain your carpet. Should you be very busy with other things that you don’t have time for taking out dirt from your carpet, we offer bespoke services at Ryan Carpet Cleaning. Our techniques are top-class and unparalleled by any other carpet cleaners out there. Like to know more about what we do? You can contact our team today.

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