How to Enhance Your SEO Agency

How to Enhance Your SEO Agency

Understanding relationships and communications with your client

We understand how draining and stressful it can be to communicate SEO toclients of your agency. Humans naturally get bored and disconnected from communication when it involves so many tables and graphs that can seem confusing, and this can happen when communicating with your clients also. However, avoiding this, and not giving your clients sufficient details of the data can arouse scepticism.

It probably took you so much time and energy to prepare your pitches, results, and issues in the form of a good visualisation of the data. However, what poses a serious threat is effectively communicating the data in a compelling manner that keeps both your agency and the client in sync all through the course of the communication.

We know how important it is for your SEO company to improve communication and relationship with clients. Let’s explore how the principles of Tuftebehind data visualisation can help us achieve this improvement.

Principles  ofTufteRelevant to SEO Agencies

Edward Tufte, a pioneer in the field of informational graphics, developed the six principlesformaximising quantitative data, and these principles can be deployed by your SEO agency as well.We’ll be exploringthese principles from a different perspective:

How can these principles be misrepresented or misunderstood in practice?

AnSEO agencyhas to communicate effectively with its clients. Here are some key things to put in mind in order to communicate successfully in your report or presentation.

·                Compare the data

Communicate the data by comparing themin order to portray relevant contrasts to enable a more concrete understanding of the data.

·                Show Causality

It is important to communicate the interactions between different data and how they affect one another. For example, when SEO is involved, at Christmas, seasonality affects certain search volumes. You could help your clients understand interactions like this.

·                Multivariate Data should be presented

Help your clients understand a complicated concept with sufficient data. Make forecasts with keywords, seasonality, search volumes, etc., to aid comprehensive understanding.

  • Use Integrations

You should always ensure that you communicate the information in several ways(texts, formulas, numbers, etc.). For clarity, ensure that every variable is named.

·                Credibility should be established

Provide the necessary explanation, measurements, data sources, etc. Present the key information effectively to enable smooth communication.

·                Be Content Oriented

Always depict the context of every relevant data. Ensure your clients understand all you are saying and the entire process (before/after the process).

How To Effectively Utilise Data Visualisation Against Biases And Fallacies

There are two major aspects that are susceptible to biases & fallacies. They include the process of pitching and the reports gotten monthly.

SEO Proposal Procedure

You will need to communicate a complex concept in a very simple manner in the presentation of your SEO proposal.This process can involve biases & fallacies. Let us explore ways to prevent this in your proposal:

Overcoming Established Biases based on Comparisons and the Narrative

You may encounter story bias or narrative in the process of communicating what you understandabout your client’s industry. This involves the tendency to assumecausalityrooted in conjured stories, without considering the entire scenario. This is why it is important to always put the bigger picture into consideration.

The availability of bias is another likely issue.  A lot of times, we arrive at hasty conclusions from considering only bits of the overview from which we can recall. For example, not considering the proper keywords that can achieve the rank you promised. This emphasises the importance of providing multivariate data for competitors so that it can enable understanding based on visibility score within a given period and keywords. At DubSEO,we carefully analyse and calculatevisibility score as a collection of carefully handpicked keywords whose changes in rank areweighted by the correlating search volumes.

How to Overcome False Causality to Boost SEO Performance

It is important to correctly understand the traffic influenced by SEO in order to get the right causality. Although organic traffic comprises of non-brand and brand, what can be optimised and is of interest is the non-brand.

Appropriate splitting can help address false causality, which establishes a wrong relationship of cause-and-effect between variables that are not related. Hence, correlating your SEOoverall performance along with the business results of your clients.

Exceeding the Overconfidence Effect With Difficulty In SEO

You can also present the data and formula for your proposal. This can improve credibility. Excluding the search volumes and YoY trends, you can establish the relationship between SERPs and CTRs in order to communicate the amount of clicks driven by each keyword.

Through our proposal builder for SEO, data is collated from our platform,and the Google slides visual appeal for your firm or agency is leveraged, making it as straightforward as a drag and drop.

Monthly Report for SEO

The report provides you with an avenue to showSEO results, enhance a stronger relationship with the client if properly done and resolve current issues using a visually appealing way. Ensure you set appropriate expectationsthrough a focus on ways to strengthen your campaign, SEO wins, technical issues to address and avoiding cherry-picking.

Let’s explore how this is implemented with the lens of Tufte:

Preventing the Result Bias for the Status of SEO Objective

When you focus on forecasted traffic against actual traffic, and you display a monthly comparison, you can prevent the occurrence of an outcome bias of misplacing results or ignoring the process and still expecting to get same results.

You can get a more comprehensive analysis by presenting the process using comparison, without excluding seasonality data. Doing this can also help you communicate a directly proportional causal relationship between the campaign outcome and SEO wins. This boosts trust and credibility.

Overcoming the Confirmation Bias with Context Visibility Performance

You can prevent the possibility of selecting the data thatverifies a specific story without considering all variables with the entire story. This is known as the confirmation bias. You can achieve this by displaying visibility performance across the keyword included and considering the key rankings that changed. You can additionally help your client understand market tendencies using a comprehensive comparison of competitor’s visibility scores.

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