How to Format a MacBook After You Do a Factory Reset

How to Format a MacBook After You Do a Factory Reset

Do you own a Macbook Pro? Are you looking to offer a format round? Did you do a factory reset and don’t know where to travel from there?

There is no doubt that Macbooks are one of the best options among consumers. Many Americans prefer Macbooks to Windows laptops for various reasons. In addition to a robust operating system and compatibility, Macbooks also offer excellent value and an industrial design.

Despite these advantages, there comes a time when you need to clean up your computer and start again. The question is whether one has the skills to format a Macbook.

Check out our complete guide to format your Macbook the right way.

Reasons to Try a Format

Before continuing with the steps, let us first discuss a series of explanations about the formatting decision. Formatting your Macbook is different from resetting your SMC or PRAM / NVRAM. You will perform the latter by clicking on

Here are some of the simplest reasons to think about formatting your Macbook:

Running too Slow

When you notice that your Macbook Air is running too slow than usual, you will consider a format. But only do it after running some tests.

Check if you want to run some updates on your system. You will also need to remove some startup programs. Re-visit your storage unit and clean it.

If neither of those works then you will reinstall your macOS.

A Disheveled System

Sometimes a major problem will hamper your laptop. These problems with the system manifest themselves in various ways. You will see error messages that are triggered frequently.

You may also experience usability problems that prevent you from performing normal tasks. Also, the software may not function properly.

Format Before Selling

You can also consider reformatting your Macbook Air if you want to sell it. Reformatting ensures that the new owner will not have access to their existing files.

Reinstalling macOS will erase the storage drive. In turn, the client cannot access their previous data.

By Degrading

You can also format your Macbook if it is degrading your operating system. There are times when users feel that they work better with the previous operating system. When the new operating system affects your workflow, it will reinstall and format your Macbook.

How to format a Macbook

When you reformat your Macbook Pro, it will erase the information also because the system is in place. Furthermore, it will also eliminate all the problems that plague your laptop.

Learning to format a Macbook requires patience. It also implies careful attention to detail. There are a couple of ways to format a Macbook; it all involves several steps.

Let’s tackle three of them below:

Erasing the Drive

You can format your Macbook Pro by erasing the drive and installing a replacement version of OS X. To remove this, activate your Macbook Pro and wait for the startup sound. When you hear the sound, hold down Command + R on the keyboard.

As soon as you see the Apple logo on the screen, release the Command + R keys. Thereafter, choose the type of Internet connection you would like. Connecting to the web is important as you are reinstalling OS X.

Your laptop will start in recovery mode. From the Recovery menu, select Disk Utility. Hit still opens the Disk Utility menu.

Find the name of your startup disk in the left pane of the menu. At the top of the window, click the Delete tab. After deleting, select the format you simply want to assign to the drive.

It is best to travel for the “Mac OS Extended (Journaled)” or the default “Macintosh HD”. Type in a name for your disk and then press Erase.

Close the Disk Utility window in the upper right corner. You will now reinstall OS X. On the Recovery menu, simply click Reinstall OS X.

Press Continue and then follow the instructions on the screen.

Use a Backup Machine

This method will only work if you protected your system through the machine. activate your Macbook Pro and wait for the startup sound. As with the main method, hold down Command + R when you hear the sound.

Release the keys once the Apple logo appears. connect to the web and choose Restore from Machine Backup. Press Continue and choose a time Machine Backup Disk.

Choose the backup of the machine you simply want to revive. Click Continue and then press Restore. Please note that this method reinstalls not only OS X but also your personal files.

This method is useful if there is an epidemic infecting your Macbook. The key is to choose a backup that simply

Reinstalling from Recovery

Last but not least, you’ll reformat and reinstall using the Recovery feature. a bit like within the first two methods, activate your laptop and await the startup sound. Do an equivalent thing with the Command + R keys.

Thereafter, attend the Recovery menu and choose Reinstall OS X. Click still prompt a group of on-screen instructions. The instructions will tell you to select the hard disc where you would like to put in OS X.

Important Reminders

Before you reformat your Macbook Air, confirm that you simply plan accordingly. Planning keeps you from erasing important items.

Back-up your important files before proceeding with the reformatting. Invest during a good external disk drive . this is often where you’ll store files, pictures, videos, and documents that aren’t within the cloud.

Furthermore, list down all the apps that you simply frequently use. Download them and store them on your drive . this may prevent longer transferring them after installing your new OS.

Last but not least, collect all the serials and licenses of all of your apps that you simply didn’t purchase from the Appstore. Store all of them inside 1Password. this may help reduce the time you’ll spend when reinstalling them in your Macbook.

Increase Your Mac Knowledge

Knowing the way to format a Macbook is vital especially when things involves it. Though reformatting is one among the last belongings you would want to try to to , it are often the answer to restoring normalcy within the wake of disruptions.

But there’s more to find out about your Macbook. We invite you to see our different articles on Macbooks and other devices. We discuss tips and tricks which will help improve your overall usage and knowledge .

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