Is Invisalign the best for you? Here are 6 easy ways to know

Is Invisalign the best for you? Here are 6 easy ways to know

According to 75% of orthodontists, there has been an increase in the number of adult patients seeking treatment with braces. Most of these patients prefer not to have the metal-in-mouth experience because of self-esteem issues and the fear of not looking professional enough. How can patients like this achieve their dreams for a better smile without having noticeable braces?

With Invisalign, patients can achieve their dream smile without anyone having to know that they are using braces. However, not everyone is eligible for this treatment.

Before asking for “Invisalign treatment near me,” examine yourself with the easy signs to know if you are eligible.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign treats misalignments with clear aligners to change the position of your teeth with time. It uses customised moulds to make a different set of braces for every patient. With the first brace, the position of the teeth will shift slightly. The second set will slightly add to shifting the teeth too.

After all the sets of braces have taken their turns, you will end up with your originally intended smile. This way, you will achieve your desire without wearing conspicuous braces.

Here are the 6 easy signs that will tell if you are suitable for Invisalign or not.

  1. You have a straightforward case

Invisalign can treat the majority of the cases of crooked teeth. It treats overbite, underbite, Crossbite, open bite, gapped and crowded teeth. However, this does not mean that it treats every patient with these conditions.

Your orthodontist will be able to access you and tell if you are suitable for Invisalign. If your case is more complex, he may recommend you go for dental surgery if the other types of braces aside the traditional cannot work for you.

  1. You have adult teeth

Dentists do not like to treat misalignment when the patient has not gotten all adult teeth. This is because they find it difficult to predict how the adult teeth will be placed when they appear.

So, your dentist will advise you to wait until all your adult teeth appear. If you are an adult with one or two baby teeth still lingering, talk to your dentist. He will recommend some orthodontic processes before Invisalign.

  1. You are responsible enough

The responsibility factor comes into play with Invisalign since the brace only works for those committed to wearing it. They are removable, so you take a break whenever you want. However, there are specific numbers of hours required for you to wear this brace per day. Most times, they will only be off when you want to eat or brush.

Since these braces are removable, some people are not concerned about wearing them; in some cases, the braces get lost. This will interfere with the progress of the treatment and make it difficult to achieve the intended smile.

If you do not have much interest in changing the appearance of your teeth or find it easy to misplace important things, consider other choices outside Invisalign.

  1. You do not smoke

Tobacco will interfere with your treatment or cause your braces to stain. Also, you cannot consider taking off the aligners to smoke. This is because it may not allow you to wear the aligners for as long as you are expected to.

Smoking is unhealthy for both your teeth and entire body. If you smoke and want to use Invisalign, it is wise to quit now.

  1. Your oral hygiene is excellent

Invisalign treatment requires a clean and healthy mouth. Also, you must be able to care for your braces so that they do not cause undesirable outcomes. These outcomes may cause you to pay higher amounts to keep replacing your trays.

This also comes to play in the aspect of wearing the brace for the required number of hours. At intervals, you will have to take out your trays to clean. Also, you will have to ensure you brush and floss regularly, and do not have any disease in your mouth before the dentist can allow you to use Invisalign

  1. You are old enough

Orthodontists do not place a limit on the upper age for Invisalign. Older adults can have treatment whenever they desire. However, not every young teen can use them when they have their complete adult teeth.

This is because Invisalign is removable and must be cared for. Also, the wearer must be responsible enough to keep them safe and in place. The less matured teens can use fixed metal braces for their treatment.

Am I eligible for Invisalign?

If you ticked right to all the signs listed above, you have a good chance of being eligible, so you can go on and search for “best Invisalign near me”. However, your dentist will have the final say. He or she may have other factors to discuss with you.

If you think you are eligible and interested in the “Invisalignnear me,” feel free to contact us on 020 37457520 for an appointment. Our experienced orthodontist will assess your condition to know how eligible you are for the treatment.

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