Keep Yourself Cool in Summer 2020 with The Best Fans

Keep Yourself Cool in Summer 2020 with The Best Fans

If you can’t tolerate the scorching heat of summer, get out of your home kitchen and head towards the online store to keep yourself cool this summer with the best fans. These online stores bring to you the best fans ever made for humanity. India is gearing up and preparing for another clement and soaring summer. Nothing can be more frustrating than having to endure the sticky and hot summer days with sleepless nights without having the turbine blade to keep you cool. Before moving ahead to buy the best fan this summer, you must consider a few crucial factors mentioned below to make a wise decision. 


Besides, compare the Super fan price with other make and models to grab the cheaper deals and save money on your online shopping.  


Which are the Best Fans for You?


  • Desktop Fans – It is the traditional fan that allows you to tilt the fan for direct airflow. Some of the models even come with an oscillation function that lets the fan to move from side to side to deliver air to all corners of the room.
  • Pedestal Fans is the tall version of a desktop fan that comes with a stand where the fan is mounted. It comes with larger blades, and hence the airflow is more with pedestal fans. Pedestal fans usually have powerful motor with higher RPM, and hence it rotates faster to deliver efficient airflow. Some advanced models come with height adjustment, oscillation and pivot function, and these functions ensure to deliver air to every area of a room for cooling effect. 
  • Ceiling Fans – It is also the traditional fan that comes with 3-5 blades depending upon the models. As the name suggests, it is mounted on the ceiling of the room and depending upon the size of the blades; it can deliver a cooling breeze across the room. There are two variants in blade sizes – 42mm and 56mm, and depending upon the size of the room you need to make the selection of the ceiling fan blades.  

Other Options You Must Look For!


  • The noise created by the fans while running is an important factor to look for. High-speed fans create lots of noise when it is on, which may hamper your sleep. The fan that runs smoothly and swiftly without causing much noise is always better to have in your bedroom. 
  • The fans that come with the remote controller are also a good option as they allow you to adjust the fan settings without having to leave the bed or couch. This function is best for fans in the bedroom. Some remote controllers also allow you to set sleep time so that the fan shuts off automatically after a set time. 
  • Some advanced fans come with air filters, and this is the best option to look for, especially when you want to filter the air before breathing in. Some fans also come with heating elements that are best for winter months.   


Is It Worth Considering Fans with Smart Features?


Smart Features never change the basic functioning of a fan, but it lets you efficiently control the fan via application and voice assistance devices. The benefit for most people is that it allows them to control the fan without moving or getting out of bed or couch while relaxing. But, some models of fans let you do other interesting things like you can program the fans to automatically turn on and off when the motion sensor detects nobody in the room. It helps in saving energy. The pitfall is that the fans with Smart features usually come with a huge price tag, and they are very expensive than the traditional fans. 


Where to Buy the Best Fans in 2020?


The best place to start your hunt for the best fans in 2020 is the online stores. Many online stores deal with a variety of brands and models of traditional and smart fans. You can browse across their list of fans and buy the best-suited model for you, depending upon your budget. 


Some of the stores even allow you to compare the Superfan and Maharaja cooler price online to learn the price difference and make a wise and affordable decision. So, buy the best fan online this summer to stay cool and relaxed while efficiently beating the soaring temperature. 

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