Prayer Tasbih – A Unique Way to Stay Focus

Prayer Tasbih – A Unique Way to Stay Focus

Prayer Taweez means “prayer of the hands” in Arabic. It is a basic prayer which is recited in any Islamic ceremony or activity. The prayer is done two times – once for the tasmah (end) and then again after the sunset. The first prayer is performed before dawn and the second one is done a little later in the evening. The prayer is then repeated twenty times.

Prayer Taweez is similar to Fast in that it is required for a specific purpose. The abstaining from food is meant to allow the soul to focus on God, and to give up earthly pleasures for the sake of God alone. The action also has religious connotations. During Fasting, one is not allowed to eat or drink anything solid or liquid. However, Muslims consider that those actions which are prohibited during Prayer Taweez are to be avoided anyway, lest they lead to evil and corruption. Therefore, Muslim Taweez is not really a prayer but rather an act of control and self-discipline.

Prayer Tasbih is a simple prayer, but there is more to it than meets the eye. To perform tasbih, you will need prayer mats, a chair and of course, tasbih rugs. Prayer mats are available at your local stores but if you want a slightly more unique prayer mat, you can have one made specifically for you. Prayer rugs are available in all sizes and patterns and they are an ideal addition to a prayer rug.

Prayer rugs and mats are traditionally made out of cotton and wool but nowadays, materials like silk and Georgette are also used. Prayer rugs and mats come in different designs and colours and some have beads, stones and other embellishments as well. They can be used for everyday purposes or special occasions such as weddings, funerals and Eid gatherings. When used in weddings, guests will find them charming and very appropriate as these colourful prayer rugs bring about a feeling of spirituality and peace in the room.

A prayer tasbih rug can be used as a floor mat for the front door or any place you want to have an Eid inside atmosphere. You can place them over a prayer mat so guests can sit and pray without stepping on anything that might be slippery. They are ideal for weddings and ceremonies and parties where you want to impart important information about your faith to people who are attending. If you are looking for a way to carry your prayers and takfir outside, consider using prayer rugs and mats. There is nothing worse than stepping on a wet slippery floor with a heavy prayer mat and it is possible to keep yourded prayers dry.

One of the biggest advantages of prayer tasbih rugs is that you can use them for indoor and outdoor prayer sessions. If you plan on praying outdoors you can make use of them by placing them around a patio table. You can also put them over a garden hose when using it to keep yourself dry on a hot day. They are even useful during Arabic prayer sessions and during hajjis and Muslim religious ceremonies. They are a practical choice as they are relatively easy to clean and most are machine washable if you follow the instructions carefully.

Prayer rugs are generally made of wool, but you will find some synthetic products available to suit the needs of your praying or parties. Wool prayer rugs are more durable and you will usually find a natural wax inlay to provide a rich shine to the product. You can buy them in a huge range of colors so you can personalize your prayer rugs depending on what message you want to communicate to others. You can use them at home to decorate your house and give it a unique look. You can even get them tailor-made to perfectly fit your requirements.

During times of adversity, you should always remember to keep yourself focused on God. There is no better way to keep your head straight than to focus on things that are positive about you and your daily life. Using prayer rugs as a source of decoration is not only beautiful it can also convey a strong message of hope to those who come across it. Wearing a prayer rug will allow you to connect with all those around you during times of need.

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