Spices are a guide to bring magical delicious flavours

Spices are a guide to bring magical delicious flavours

Undoubtedly India is the largest exporter to many big countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Malaysia,UK, Sri Lanka, China, Germany and Thailand for spicy is growing fast and is expected to reach to a 3 trillion economy in nearby futurevery soon.Though in era of covidfever there are many fluctuationsreported in market share but our Honourable Union Finance Minister –NirmalaSitaraman has announced a Special Package in FMGC Industry .With other growing countries all across globe India is also becoming one of them- Spending more with cash. Like Thailand and other growing countries India is also rapidly moving in Discretionary income which means likely to spend more.


Spicy – The Staple Ingredients-With right spices in your food the food becomes mouth-watering. Indian Spices are a very common household name since ancient times and by putting the right spices in right sequence the food and eatables automatically brings Indian Flavours and taste. Even when there is specific set of Cuisine followed by distinctive ingredients the spicy plays a very important role in adding flavours to them.


The Press Data reveres the fact that India exports inflammatory herbs and spices to 185 countries across globe. And Aaswad Food are playing the significant roles in Export Industry. Their vision is clear toencourage- A perfectly Balanced Quality and Taste.  This company aims as “ONE STOP SOLUTION”.Famous for all types of Snacks and Namkeen, Dal and Spices, Pickels and Papads are serving new markets of UK and USA followed by South Africa and other Gulf Countries. The company also aims to provide affordable and reasonable price with no compromise in their Indian Culinary and Cuisines. With a promise to give taste of traditional the company has many branches at many prime locations. Enjoy most popular Brands of Kathywadi Crunch, ChanaJorGaram, and Chocolate Bites, JheeraKhari,Maize Flakes, Mamra,Kesar Mango Pulp, SandwhichBhakharwadi, Sing Bhujia, Soya Sticks.Aaswad Food is honoured by various Organisations and Association like Spices Board India, Tea Board of Tea,Apeda- Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority, FIEO- Federation of Indian Export Organisations FSSAI- Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.


TUMERIC Haldi- Yellow coloured antisepticPowder and India’s Production is close to 295 thousand metric tons.
CINNAMON Adds an additional extra flavour to food abstracted from inner part of the bark from tree.
CUMIN Seed of cumin add tadka to Indian food.
CORIANDER Dhaniya-The most traditionalleaves, stems and plants used in every Indian Cooking mostly garnishing with fresh leaves.
CHILLI PEPPER Is added in any Indian Dishes according to taste and flavour and rule the culinary dishes
GARAM MASALA Also said as magical spices or secretingredients in Indian House.
MUSTARD SEEDS Under proper condition this spicy takes a process of around 8 days to produce.



With each passing days India who was at one point of time reported to be the best and highest exporter to china has now stooped exporting the Indian Culinary Spicy to them commonly which are mint, chilly, pepper corns,Asafoetda,Cassia Bark etc. China Spices Industry contributes around 24% followed by USA contributing to 16 % and Thailand and UAE 6% respectively.


As Indian Spicy are very good in demand and thus The India Trade Portal states the value of US$2,432.85 million and is exporting f 8,93,920 tonnes of spices every year. The global demand is of Turmericpowder with its maximum production in areas of Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Assam followed by clove where Indonesia produces 80% of the world’s clove production. The list is endless for example Cumin and Cumin Seeds which is consumed by 90-95%of Indian Family and Societiesto add tadka, India is one the major contribution in producing cumin and cumin seeds.  Kochi-headquartered Spices Board said “In terms of Rupees the expected growth of Indian Spicy Industry is anticipated to reach Rs 19,505.81 core which major production and contribution of Andhra Pradesh followed by Gujarat and other regions of North India.


India is king of spicy and Indian Export Industryplay a very crucial role in maintaining it.spices exporters IndiaProduction and volumes of these household spicy are crossing new heights. India has fulfilled the increasing international demand for its quality spices in the face of tough competition in global markets.

 In view of the global pandemic situation, the demand for quality Indian spices is on the rise for their immunity-boosting properties,” said Spices Board secretary D Sathiyan.

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