The Best 4 Logo Makers to Build Your Visual Identity

The Best 4 Logo Makers to Build Your Visual Identity

Is there a site where you can easily create a logo for free? Nothing is too convenient. And it’s free. I thought, but after a little research, there are quite a few logo creators.

A logo maker is an easy design tool for generating logos. And this post actually researched and used it and picked up the recommendations carefully selected from among many, so please check these tools out in the following part.

Toolkit: logo making tools to use


The categories are quite subdivided, making it easy to select the genre of the logo you want to produce. It is also user-friendly to be able to select and list logos with a design similar to your favorite logo. After choosing the template, you can change the font, text, shape and color. I think this is also rich in templates and has a high degree of freedom. The best of best is that you are allowed to preview your logo effects to see what it will be looked like in different materials.

You can only download low resolution (300px) JPG and PNG files to your computer in the free version.

DesignEvo also has abundant templates and a wide range of designs, so you may find something close to what you are looking for.


If you’re doing any design, you’ve probably heard of it lately.

High-quality templates are available for free. Not only logos but also posters, leaflets, business card materials, etc., can be made. Resources are quite abundant. Rather than creating it automatically, it is an image of selecting a template for each category or genre and modifying and creating from there. The line spacing and layout can be arranged freely, so the degree of freedom is relatively high.

With Pro Plan, it seems that you can download even more templates, customization functions, and SVG.

The quality of the templates for each medium is high, and the designs are abundant. I think this can be done easily to some extent.

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Wix logo maker

First of all, the UI of the site was simple and easy to use. Wix is ​​famous for its service that makes it easy to design sophisticated websites. You can make logos for free as well as on the web.

In selecting the type of industry, we also supported trending keywords such as IoT. After selecting the logo style, it is also interesting to choose the likes and dislikes of the temporary logo. The logo layouts are a little different from other sites, and I got the impression that there are many flat ones and simple and sophisticated designs.

It was an impression that it was easy to create a simple and beautiful logo as well as the site design. The logo that can be downloaded with the free plan is quite low resolution. Png and Svg need to be on a paid plan.


After selecting a category, you can choose your favorite design style. (Multiple possible) After that, when you select the medium that uses the logo, candidates will be displayed, and you can add fonts, colors, icons, etc.

The logo data download will be attached to the email. Image data will be sent in size suitable for each SNS such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

I felt a slight gap in the design, but after all, it is convenient to acquire image data for each high-resolution social media platforms for free.


How was that? A compelling logo design can be difficult, but I think you can create enough logos for inspiration and reference.

You can make a simple logo on these sites, so please try it once.

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