Tips on Choosing the Right Bathroom Vanities Without Breaking Your Bank

Tips on Choosing the Right Bathroom Vanities Without Breaking Your Bank

Bathroom vanities are undoubtedly one of the most essential parts of a modern home. The vanities must be attractive to look at and practical in terms of functionalities. They act as the key feature of a restroom. So while choosing a design and style, make sure you choose discount bathroom vanities that complement the bathroom as well as the rest of your home.

Tips for choosing bathroom vanities

Here are some expert tips that would help you choose the right option to make your bathroom vanity exclusive – both in respect of style and size. It would also help you find the features you need.

  • Choosing the size of the unit – This is the foremost step to consider while buying a vanity for the bathroom. Take proper measurementsof the place where you want to install the item. Make sure your chosen one comes within your budget. Measurement would assist you to decide on whether you can afford to opt for a single-sink or a double-sink piece. The top of the vanity counter should hit between the hip and lower chest to ensure easy access. Depth should also be taken care of. It should be according to the size of your bathroom.
  • Determining the placement of the vanity – The placement can make a huge difference. It must be placed wisely so navigating the restroom doesn’t become difficult. Never place it in the space where you often walkthrough to avoid bumping into it. The vanity should be placed against the widest wall and away from the door. The unit must not block access to the shower or toilet. Keep at least 20 inches of space between the vanity edges and the things in the surroundings.
  • Features that the vanity should haveBathroom vanity cabinets are not all about a sink with a mirror. It’s much more than that. It should feature a sink without reducing the countertop space. For a bigger family, vanity with multiple sinks would be a better choice. If you want to store makeup items or toiletries at the vanity, the counter space should be a bit wider. 5 inches of space on each side of the sink would be great. Cabinets with lockable doors are always recommended so small children or pets can’t have easy access to them. Besides, it should have enough space to accommodate bathrobes, spare towels, and sometimes toiletries as well. Mirrors are another important aspect of vanity. Whether it’s traditionally or contemporarily designed, it must have built-in lights.
  • Mounting the vanity – Well, this will be determined depending on the space available in the restroom. RTA cabinets would be a good choice in terms of customization. If you want maximum storage space, a freestanding style would be the right option. On the other hand, a wall-mounted vanity is perfect for a small bathroom and even for the powder rooms. However, corner-mounted ones are the best if you want to save space. A 900 angle at the back fits into the corner without occupying much space.

Choosing the right bathroom vanity is a tricky yet easy job. All you need to take care of the size, placement, and features of the vanity as per the size of your bathroom. And you’re done!

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