Top 5 website trends for 2021

Top 5 website trends for 2021

Technology can be seen in our daily lives affecting them 24/7. From the moment that we wake up, we will look at our phones for new messages, time, and event reminders. During the middle of the day, we can order food via various apps. We can even shop for food supplies and other things that we want while we are having our lunch or working in the office. This convenience is made possible by the existence of new technology. 

In addition, even transportation services are made more through technology. Technology comes in many ways but one of the things that we usually come across with our websites. a website can be as simple as a page where you can find essential details about certain goods and services available in the market.

It is still fast-changing up to this point which is why constant adaptation and being flexible to various changes are required for you or for us to be able to keep up. For example, even though websites have been around for a long time, the use of websites skyrocketed during the pandemic. As there was no more physical interaction allowed, purchasing stuff that you want was done online. This transaction was made possible by the existence of a product website. That is also why there is emergence for a web development company that provides services concerning websites. Web development Singapore firms have reported an increase in demand and clients. As stated the world is continuously changing, so to be able to remain relevant and significant to clients one must be flexible.

In a sea of thousands or millions of websites, standing out is a challenge. To be able to be remembered by clients, your website should always be up to date and follow trends. So, in this article, we will talk about the top 5 website trends for 2021 that a web development company must apply.

#1 Dark mode, night-shift options

This trend isn’t entirely new when it comes to web development Singapore styles. However, as more and more users prefer to use this mode, web development company specialists are trying to optimize and improve this feature. This is just an option to make your screens go dark or black to minimize eyesight strains. It is also reported to save battery on your devices. 

#2 Mobile-first design

Today, there are many kinds of gadgets that are available to use. There are laptops, tablets, desktop setup, and the ones most commonly used is mobile phones. More than any of these options, mobile phones are the ones that we use almost 24/7. When we wake up, the first thing that we check is our mobile phones. On average, almost the majority of individuals check their mobile phones almost 140 times a day.

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This means that websites are more commonly accessed through the use of mobile phones, so a web development company must take into consideration the way the market can access the website. This is also why most web development company Singapore firms are trying to improve the responsiveness of websites in all gadgets especially mobile phones. Being accessible through anything or any kind of gadget means that you can reach a wider market. A large value of traffic can result in a larger number of conversion rates resulting in higher profits.

#3 Minimalist interface

People nowadays are always busy, that is why they barely have the time to browse complicated websites. That is why a web development Singapore company should make sure that their website sports a minimalist interface or design. This way consumers will have a hard time navigating the website. This feature can make your consumers stay more, explore more, and even purchase items from your website. A web development company has various ways of making minimalist surfaces on websites. That is why you should pick a web development Singapore firm that fits your taste.

#4 Storytelling approach

Having an easy to read understandable content is what consumers want nowadays. This exploring and reading through your website. That is why it is important for an owner to help the web development company in creating the whole product.

#5 Personalised content

Physical interaction is now limited due to the pandemic. In 2021, adding personalized content or user contribution to your website is one of the things that can make you stand out. That is why development specialists make it a point to have a user-friendly website that allows customers to interact. 

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