Tourist Places Near Delhi

Tourist Places Near Delhi

The declaration of lockdown 4.0 has turned our plans and hopes into ashes. Many innocent lives have choked out in combat with corona warfare. The best we can do is to stay inside to break the chain of this virus, this is all we have in hands. If you’re missing your off-roads reunions and wilderness, then you’ll surely get a chance to subtle your traveling hormones going paranoid inside you, but until then it’s good to be a homebody. Unwantedly, Coronavirus has blessed us with ample of time that we all were yearning for from our school days, so let’s stay productive and use this time to spot some enthralling places around the country that you’ve have missed!

If you’re planning a serious sneak out from your home sweet home then here’s the quick checklist that will help you land onto some amazing major attraction around the country.


Goa is known to be the largest tourist convocation that gives a plethora of sheer beauty. Goa is an epitome of beautiful sands and beaches, and also purvey a panoramic view of the sunset during winters and summers evenings.  Located in India’s coastal belt, Goa is full-fledged with widespread agriculture and plantation of cashews, pineapple, jackfruits, mango, and bamboo. Here, the street is filled to the tip with one of the best clubs around Goa, that will surely make you dance like no one is watching. The clubs are 24/7 open so you can dance till you break your knees out! Book now goa tour packages


The life and soul of India, Delhi is a nation’s capital that blessed with a plethora of rich ancient culture, tapestry of mythological stories that captivates travelers from every nook and corner of the world, and the food! Delhi is a foodies delight and you will spot loads of Indian homestyle delicacies that purveys an alien taste of Indian spices blended in a proportionate amount. The city is coiled up with an array of ancient remnants of the 17th century that still holds in the essence of a bygone era, worthwhile to visit. Book delhi holidays packages


This place holds the fragrance of France that has a long back history of medieval French society.  Pondicherry travel packages is also known as mini France, famous for its appealing cafes, astounding ancient monuments, scenic beaches, water sports, and the list is endless.

The French colony located in the heart of Pondicherry ferments the vibe of France and It’s truly enthralling!


Planning your date with mountains? Shimla, also known as the queen of hills is an absolute place to spend your weekend getaway with your tribe. Shimla has an array of several ancient attractions of the British colonial period that keep this city into the spotlight. Encircled with the snow-capped mountains and dinky street food corners, Shimla is an absolute place to take a pause from the monotony of your life. If you’re in pursuit of high-adrenaline adventures then Shimla is the hot spot of various adventure sports. Book shimla tour packages.


Agra, the city of love is the home of one of the seven wonders of the world, Taj Mahal. The city also holds in some unseen or least visited places, some of them are the remnants of the Mughal Dynasty that fades out under the magnificent beauty of the Taj Mahal. To experience the scenic view of the Taj Mahal, visit Mehtab Bagh that is situated on the opposite of Taj Mahal, this place is a perfect spot to admire the beauty of the magnificent structure of the Taj Mahal. If you’re a photographer, then this place is not less than a heaven for you to get some ultimate shots! Book agra tour packages or golden triangle tour packages.


Have you ever experienced a date with mountains? If not then experience  Kasol,  the lush green gigantic beautiful mountains, Crystal clear Parvati river with the rippling sound won’t let you go back to the city lights! Kasol is a small village situated on the foothills of sky searing mountains. The mini Israel population here is famous for its Israeli foods that are region’s favorite. The best place to visit Kasol is the month of June, July, and August, this is the time when you can admire the beauty of nature to the fullest!.

Marina Beach

Marina beach that is recognized as one of the major attractions of Chennai is gaining traction for its picturesque view. Marina Beach is one of the longest beaches. If you’re a veteran to the city for 2-3 days or planning a business trip, Marina beach is an ideal place to end your day with a good note. The dinky shops near the Marina beach are best known for its eye-locking imitation jewelry and shell mementos. The place is a perfect spot for family reunions, castle making, and volleyball games. book Marina beach tour packages


Varanasi is a place that shelved pure Indian Cultural traditions and values. Be it if you’re a religious pious or just here to taste the simplicity of this city, your Indian exploration would be incomplete if you haven’t pulled over to the city of moksha “Varanasi”.The city is framed for its pure religious beliefs and spirituality that ignites the credence of people around the city. Varanasi is believed to be more than 500 years old. Situated on the bank of the river Ganges Varanasi is the city of saints and recognized as one of the biggest pilgrimage convocations across the city. The early morning aarti partnered with the holy chants of Om Namah Shivay is something that will quench the need of your soul and rejuvenate your mind. Book varanasi tour packages

The Char Dham yatra

Char Dham yatra is the biggest spiritual circuit that is also known as the four spiritual shrines of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. People from every nook and corner of the world flying to this pilgrimage to attain salvation. It is believed that char Dham is the ultimate bridge to attain eternal moksha. This place is also well famous for its scenic view of snow-capped Himalayas. The journey like do Dham yatra should be undertaken once in your life if you want to experience the presence of almighty around you. Book chardham yatra packages, do dham yatra packages we also provide your chardham yatra by helicopter


Jaipur is framed for unrivaled architecture, ancient strong forts, and lavish Rajasthani cuisines. The city is jam-packed with gorgeously decorated elephants, fearsome Rajputana’s glorious stories, and enthralling cultural insights. The pink hue illuminating from the walls of the city named this place as a pink city. Jaipur is worthwhile to visit if you want to taste some rich Rajasthani culture. Book delhi jaipur agra tour packages.

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