What Is PMP Inputs And Outputs In Project Management

What Is PMP Inputs And Outputs In Project Management

The PMP certification is one of the most lucrative professional achievements for a manager or employee. However, the exam itself is one of the toughest ones to crack.

Several questions in the PMP exam take a person through numerous decision-making processes. PMP ITTO is one of them. This is the first and most important part of the exam.

The ITTO in PMP means the set of procedures or stages related to every process of a project. The full form of ITTO is Inputs, Tools, Techniques, and Outputs. The best way to learn ITTO is by using PMO dashboards.

In this article, we build a broad understanding of PMP inputs and outputs in project management.


The official PMBOK guide is divided into 10 different areas of Project Management Knowledge. Each of them is again divided and supported by 5 process groups. The PMP ITTO is a method that enables an examinee to develop and execute all of these processes and projects.

As already mentioned, the PMP ITTO is a method of executing different processes and projects. ITTO involves Inputs, Tools, Techniques, and Outputs.

To exemplify, when you have a project at hand, there will be some items at hand. These items will be processed to convert the inputs into a result. The result is the output of the project. This output can also be an input for a different project.

You will need tools such as analytical techniques, product analysis, and many more to run the project successfully throughout the process. Besides, several meetings, inspection, or judgmental stages will require technically running the project and getting the best outcome. All these together make the ITTO of the PMP exam.

PMP ITTO Inputs and Outputs: Can Outputs be Inputs as Well?

The project management processes are not a linear process. There is a circular system of relations between the elements of ITTO. In project management, Inputs can be project schedule, calendar, Enterprise Environmental Factors (EEF), or Organizational Process Assets (OPA).

On the other hand, Outputs can be project management plans, OPA updates, and many more than are further used as Inputs of future projects.

In this regard, the output of a process can be an input of another process. This is fair and simple. Whatever result a project brings out, it can be used as a core resource for a further or another project.

To simplify, we can look at a general example. Suppose you are going to bake a cake. The first process of the baking would be to make a batter. You use flours, eggs, milk, butter, etc. as inputs. You then use the grinder or mixer to mix all the ingredients.

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Here, the technique you follow in mixing ensures the best output, which is batter itself. The end result of this process is the batter. Eventually, you use this batter in the second process of baking the cake.

As you can see, the output of the first process has become the input of the second process. The inputs and outputs of Project Management work exactly this way. Whatever end-result the project brings you is an incentive to use that as input for a future project.

The Best Way to Master ITTO

The first challenge of PMP preparation is to know how to learn and memorize ITTO. The basic step in mastering the ITTO is by ensuring deep learning on each element of ITTO. 

Instead of memorizing, you should try to exemplify and understand the Inputs and Outputs. Therefore, Tools and Techniques will be easier to remember.

Trying to memorize the ITTO can be a tough job. There are just too many things to remember. Moreover, some are not capable of memorizing everything. As a result, you should consider spending more time understanding them.

The best way to understand the ITTO is to ask questions. Why you would need ITTO, what the relationships are between inputs and outputs, and how ITTO based questions come during the actual exam. These can help you in understanding the concepts better.

Once you have built a deep understanding, it is time to do some more work. Using the ITTO chart, creating flashcards, and following the PMBOK guidebook can help you in mastering the ITTO of every project.

It would help if you tried to read, learn, and remember in every situation of the day and not have any gap in your learning.


The PMP exam is a tough certificate to achieve. The ITTO questions are the first hurdle of the exam. PMP inputs and outputs in project management must be understood properly to be able to answer any process swiftly.

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