What’s New in Windows 10’s Anniversary Update?

What’s New in Windows 10’s Anniversary Update?

Windows 10 Anniversary Update

The Windows 10 update was introduced in July and August. It is another big update. Now, they will be able to use their computers smoothly.

The availability was expected in October. A challenge that the company thought will be that all the devices will not be able to clear compatibility issues with the Windows.

It was popular earlier, but with new updates, it is going to reach the peak of success.

Windows 10 updates

After Windows 10 update itself, it has increased its popularity and users. Let’s find out some new interesting features.

  • Smarter Cortana

It is the biggest update. Microsoft is constantly working to increase the potential of Cortana in the competitive field of IT.

It has now been attached to the lock screen to push notifications from the device. It can pass on the information to you, such as some highly personal information (where did you go last night?).

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This might sound crazy, but it is one of the new features. Another work that Cortona can do for you is if you receive flight details, Cortona will save that to your calendar.

It will ask you to reschedule if they will clash in the calendar. In simple words, it has become pro-active by the updated version.

  • Interaction with Android Phones

Cortona will integrate into your Android phone through its application. You need to download the app and connect the two devices.

iPhone users will not be able to avail the new feature. This is possible if you have Windows 10 computer and mobile phone.

If you are unable to look at your phone, Cortona will do this for you by bringing all the notifications in front of your desktop. It will bring your attention when your phone is short of battery.

  • Desktop apps and games

With the developed version, you will be able to discover and install more games. However, the process still in continuation.

  • A darker theme

It has been launched with a dark theme. You can disable the feature by going on the store app. Earlier, there was no option between light and dark. But now, in the updated version, you can choose.

You can also choose the color of your own for the title bars.

  • Edge supports extension

Earlier, Edge was not able to support Microsoft extensions. But now, on the Windows 10 update anniversary, it has been able to do so. 

With the help of Microsoft, developers can convert Chrome extensions to Edge. They will then be available to you in the Windows store.

At the time of launch, you will be required to choose between AdBlock, AdBlock, Amazon Assistance, Save to Pocket, Page Analyzer, and many more.

  • Edge gets more features.

After window 10 update, you will see that Edge is having new features, such as click-to-play flash, Pinned tabs, and many more.

It will automatically pause the flesh content. Unlike games, flash advertisements will not be able to play on their own.

With the latest version of Edge, you can pin tabs. They will appear on the Edge whenever you will open it. It is ideal for those websites that you open frequently.

Microsoft will help you from now onwards to get a notification of a website. If you have a touchscreen, then, with Edge, you will be able to navigate and swipe anywhere.

This time Microsoft has come up with the promise of battery for Edge.

  • Fingerprint authentication

Fingerprint authentication is available mostly for phones. Now through Windows Hello, you will be able to apply that to your desktop as well.

Now, with the Windows apps, Microsoft Edge will also get support to safety log in websites.

  • Improvement in digital drawing and annotation in apps

With Windows Ink, you will be able to annotate with a pen that will be useful to you. It is there in other apps like Microsoft Office and Maps.

  • Windows defender

If you don’t have software for security then, Windows defender does this task of protecting you from malware.

It stops working when you install the software. It scans and checks the presence of viruses. Real-time scanning can be done with the defender.

You need to enable the feature for using it.

  • Cortona with more features

Cortona will be your saver with “Photo Reminder” it will be able to control timers as well.

It will help you to get answers to simple questions.

Concluding words

With the latest version of windows 10 update, a lot of things have changed. Other than the mentioned features, more features as there.

You can explore them after installing the new version of Windows 10 update. So why waiting? Go ahead!

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