Wireless Charging Technology in Cars – What We Can See Next

Wireless Charging Technology in Cars – What We Can See Next

As we know that technology is evolving day by day. That’s why we are seeing new developments in the field of technology. Due to the advancements in the field of technology, we are also observing developments in the field of vehicles. We are observing new features in the traditional vehicles which run on petrol and diesel. In the future, there is a possibility that the world has to face major petrol and diesel crisis. Its reason is that the underground petroleum resources are limited. To save the world from the crisis of petroleum, scientists have introduced charging technology in cars.

These charging cars run on the electricity. We are using these charging cars in the major towns and cities as a mean of transport. Now, the problem with these charging cars is that we have to charge their batteries just like mobile phones. Mobile phones are portable devices, therefore, to connect the charges of mobile phones at our homes is easy. In the case of charging cars, we are facing real problems to connect the charges. To overcome this problem of the people, scientists have introduced wireless charging technology. With the help of wireless charging technology, you can fill the battery of your cars without connecting the charging plugs. It means that you don’t need to carry the bulk charging cables to charge these cars. You just need to park your cars and the charging process will automatically be started.

Working Process of Wireless Electric Vehicles:

The working process of the wireless electric vehicles is just similar to the wireless mobile chargers. To charge a mobile with the help of the wireless charger, you don’t need to lift it. Similarly, you can also ensure the flow of electricity in the case of wireless electric vehicles. For this reason, you will have to follow the process of inductive charging. It means that the electricity is transferred in the air gap. For this reason, you will have to ensure the connection between the two magnetic coils. One magnetic coil is connected in the charger and the other magnetic coil is connected in the car. To ensure the process of charging, you will have to park the car in the right place. When you park the car in the right place, you will ensure the alignment of the coils. Once, the alignment of the coils is ensured, the charging process will begin. With the help of this inductive charging process, you can start the charging process in the gap of a few inches.

Cars with Wireless Charging Technology:

Report by a dissertation help firm shows that BMW has decided to sell the wireless charging cars at the end of this year. You can easily charge these cars just by parking your cars at the right place in the garage. For this reason, they will also provide you with a pamphlet with complete information about the wireless charging cars. They will provide you with an idea about the right parking position of the cars and they will also provide you with an idea about the charging process. In these wireless charging cars, BMW will introduce 9.5kWh batteries. To completely charge these batteries, there require just 3.5 hours. For this reason, the US companyPlugless has also introduced wireless chargers for the cars. These wireless chargers are available for the Tesla Model S, i3 BMW. These wireless chargers are available from $1,260 to $3,000. These wireless chargers for the cars have two parts. The first part consists of the charger and this charger is connected on the floor. The second part consists of a power receiver and this power receiver is connected with the car. To install this wireless charger in the car, you require professionals. Anyhow, if you want to sell this car, you can remove this charger and sell it in the market.

Is It Possible To Charge Cars While Driving?

Qualcomm Halo is working on this system. According to it, we can charge cars while driving. This technology is known as DEVC (Dynamic Electric Vehicles Charging). According to this company, you can charge cars while driving even at the speed of 70mph. To prove this phenomenon, Qualcomm has established a 100 meters test track. On this test track, Qualcomm installed the charging cables. These charging cables provide power to the specially designed electric vehicles. These charging cables were connected with the 10kW charging pads. According to Qualcomm, by using this process, they can provide power to several vehicles at a time. As vehicles are getting power from the road, therefore, they don’t use the power of the batteries. Therefore, these batteries remain fully charged. The power system of this test track is buried under the roads. Therefore, the bad weather conditions will not last bad impacts on it. Moreover, if roads are completely covered with water, this system will also work.

What Will We See In The Future?

Thesewireless charging cars are the best examples of static wireless charging. It means that these cars will be charged while standing in the garage. As we have discussed earlier that Qualcomm has introduced new technology. Along with these static wireless charging vehicles, we will also see this technology for the moving vehicles. This technology will be known as dynamic charging or charging while moving. Therefore, we see the EV batteries forever in the wireless charging cars. If we get success in introducing the dynamic wireless charging technology for the cars, we don’t need large batteries for the long drives. Moreover, we don’t need to charge batteries at several places during the long journey. In urban areas, we can easily implement this kind of technology. After successfully implementing this technology in the urban areas, we should implement it on the roads outside of the urban areas. This is also the best concept to save the high costs of petrol and diesel. By introducing this technology, we can also introduce cheaper means for the journey. As we know that the future era will be autonomous vehicles. This technology will also be useful for autonomous vehicles. These autonomous vehicles don’t need to refill the fuel after sometime.

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